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Bernhiem as you're obviously lifting this content from elsewhere, I'm going to have to ask you to limit it to a paragraph at most, with a link to the source, rather than copying and pasting a wall of text from someone else's material.

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Dame El Diablo,
Since that is how you look at it, I have deleted my last post. So done.
I am also done posting here.

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I meant that as in if you're copying content from another site, you should be providing links back to the source, and not copying large amounts of information that has been published elsewhere.


this goes through and debunks his claims

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Dame El Diablo,

Ok then, thanks for clarifying. I know what you mean now. Thanks.

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I love the way these photos were taken in the 1970s, and the 'alien' looks like something straight out of a glam rock band!!!! Very with the times !!!!


bergheim said:
This article is built around Billy Meier’s' space journey. A five day journey in deep space. He was picked up from a location not far from Hinwil in Switzerland by Semjase. The beam ship too him out to other planets in our solar system first, and next to a mother ship present in our solar system. The journey continued to extremely distant locations in our universe.
This article also include:
- A photo where the extra terrestrial woman Alena from the Lyra Star
constellation can be partly seen.

- Copy of a 8000 year old lyrian writing
- Copy of the letter Semjase wrote to the group in Switzerland .. and more..
Link to article here :

Now im a man who loves all things alien/ufo but this was my face when I seen that picture of "Alena"

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Looks like I am the sole defender of the case around here.

Well then.

There are of course many things which can be said about that video, but let’s look at one segment.

The jerky pendulum movement around the three, where it here has been assumed that Billy had filmed a model.

Now this was one of the things that puzzled me as well when I heard about the case in the beginning. Namely why would Billy film a beam ship in a pendulum movement around a three, which he clearly would know would arouse suspicion, when on the other hand he simultaneously filmed three beam ships wobbling in the air all at once, within the same frame. A far more complicated manoeuvre to fake, since no trees around and since 3 objects all at once, all of them moving.

And let me add that Stevens’s investigator team. They were the first team to check it out, found no strings in any of the photos or film clips they analysed. They used Jim Dilettoso. The lab assistant seen in the move CONTACT (1982)

So the super 8 clip we are talking about here, the one where the beam ship is flying in a jerky pendulum movement around a tree, is filmed on the 9th of July 1975 between the communities of Fuchsbüel and Hofhalden near Balm and Wetzikon.

The official answer as to why the pendulum move was chosen is in Billy Meier’s contact notes, the recorded dialogue between himself and the extra-terrestrials . It is in contact 251 dated 3rd of February 1995. Billy here talks with the extra-terrestrial Ptaah. He tells him it they chose this manoeuvre for the following two main reasons. In short:

To create controversy

By duplicating the pendulum movement, they also duplicated a movement often used by swindlers using a model and string. They also noticed that this kind of faked material produced by these swindlers, appealed to some, most notably the so called ufologists.

The swinging jerky pendulum movement here seen around the tree is not normally how their ships fly. They knew this would create controversy. They saw the advantage of creating controversy outweighing the disadvantage. The drawback being that many would accuse Billy of being a swindler.


But, those with genuine interest in the case would see through this, and accept that the pendulum motion was artificially created for the controversy bit and look for other details. Which is not hard to do. Those people would rely on own thinking and not be deterred by slandering loudmouths.

So this is the sort of people the extra-terrestrials preferred Billy to surround himself with, in his inner and wider group and also amongst his circle of friends. People being able to think for themselves, take a stand and rely on own judgement. This is a second reason here given by the extra-terrestrials. So this clip can be seen as being part of a filtering process.

Taking a closer look one can see that the treetop is swaying as the ship flies around it. A tree also gives a good reference as to size of the ship. There are also other details. And a lab test would reveal more.


What about the fact his wife said it was all fake? as shown in the vid above, most of his "ufo's" were constructed with dinner plates and aluminium bin lids. Some of his photographs eg dinosaurs etc were lifted straight out of a book. its all a load of crap really, i'd put it up there with Scientology, it does nothing but damage the already precarious reputation of ufology.

The swinging jerky pendulum movement here seen around the tree is not normally how their ships fly. They knew this would create controversy. They saw the advantage of creating controversy outweighing the disadvantage. The drawback being that many would accuse Billy of being a swindler.

because he is.

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Kalliope Meier and KKK’s debunking video

Divorces can be ugly. Often jealousy is involved if the ex-partner has found a new one. Eva Bieri, Billy Meier’s new wife, had just got a daughter the year before this 1998 interview with Kalliope was conducted. So jealousy could be one motive. Money another. Wether she asked for money or not for this interview I don’t know. But I have no doubt that the organisation representing Korff (USA) and the organisation representing Burgin (Switzerland) would be more than willing to pay her a nice lump sum of money if she went on video and said the right things.

What Kalliope forgot was that she also signed several written witness statement which went in favour of the case, such the one I listed above in this tread. That was the incident in 1979 where she stumbled upon the extra-terrestrial Ptaah. It is printed in Zeugenbuch (witness book) and also printed in the contact notes. In the copy printed in the German contact notes, her signature can be seen on the statement.

All of her three children disagreed with the actions she took after the divorce from Billy Meier and they all sided with the father. They also made observations and experienced things over the years which convinced them that their father had real extra-terrestrial contact.

Metusalem Meier – son

Spoke in favour of Billy Meier at the IUFOC conference, titled The Billy Meier case reopened, in Laughlin Nevada 1999.

Atlantis Meier – son

Became a member of the core group in 2002

Gilgamesha Meier – daughter

Expedited my purchase of books and publications when I visited the center at Hinterschmidruti, Switzeralnd July 2006.

The 10 pct of gross earnings – core group members

Korff also tries to make a point out of the fees payable by the core group members. First of all the fees paid by the members did not go to Billy personally but to the organisation where all core group members had ownership. The same organisation owning and controlling the Center along with its assets and publications like the contact notes.

In 2006 it had 35 members according to the DVD they then published, called Die Mitglieder der Kerngruppe der 49 stellen sich vor (“The members of the core group of 49 presents themselves”. Interviews recorded summer 2006). The fees paid by the core group members were set at a level necessary to cover operating costs of the Center and also printing of publications.

The printing in later years were shifted to Augsburg, South Germany for better quality. Alone the printing of one A5 book like Lehre und Künder der Wahreit (The teaching and Announcer of Truth) cost in 2006 CHF 20 000.- to print. The contact notes, each block 500 A4 pages in hardcover, would come in at a far higher price tag.

Of course some money would be recouped from sale, but a lot of money would also be tied up in inventory. More than 40 books have been published by Billy Meier under his own name and more than 50 published when including the contact notes and books written by some of the core group members. Not possible to do without each member chipping in a minimum fee.

The core group would be for people living within a certain travel distance from the Center as members in this group required to meet every 2nd Saturday, besides doing other duties such as guarding the property at night. So members in this group would need to live close by. Meaning for people living in Switzerland Austria or South Germany.

Passive Group and Supporter group

I was until 2008 member of the so called PASSIV-GRUPPE und GEISTESLEHRE –STUDIUM. I paid a lot less than those in the Core group. The passive group counted about 250 members in 2006 and the income from this group was rather modest. I paid CHF 30 as a yearly fee. I then paid 7 pct of a monthly fee, but paid only once over the year. In addition I paid CHF 210.- in lieu of not working the required 3 days pro year at the Center, except in 2006 when I travelled there and worked these 3 days. However I got free lunch and dinner when I was there, so I view my net contribution being rather modest.

Now the spiritual teaching study was paid directly to Billy Meier’s own account. But that was only CHF 45 per dispatch of about 55 A4 pages every 4 months. Postage added on top. So over the year only CHF 135.- to Billy Meier personally. But after all it cost him a lot of work to write it. Then cost to print it. As per 2006 he had 365 spiritual teaching letters printed up and in stock (each dispatch consisted of 4 letters). So that meant he had 5000 A4 pages of spiritual teaching printed up and stored. More Inventory which cost money to make in the first place.

Everything was very modest at the Center. The kitchen was of a standard commonly found on European farm in the 1960’s. It was exactly as in seen in the movie CONTACT (1982). Very modest. Stoves used for cooking etc. So if Billy was earning fat profit from anything he sold, it was not visible to me anywhere.

Instead everything I saw indicated that whatever money he and the group took in from sales, fees and donations went to print up more material.

And any money spare went to help people locally and abroad. On Wednesdays he went shopping to buy basic food stuff which he donated locally. To the poor and to the needy in the district.

In the beginning of the 1980’s this kind of help and assistance became more organized and he formed Aktiv Allianz. An offshoot supported by all group members. In the 1990’s at a time when conditions were quite dire for many Russians, assistance also went there. In the book Aus den Tiefen des Weltenraums.. (1997) he wrote that they assisted a dozen of families in Western Siberia. Every month they sent each family a packet of 10 kg with groceries. In addition, sporadically, they also posted packets of cloths to them. This action was called Russlandshilfe (Help to Russia).

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During my 3 days’ work duty, on July 6 2006, I had a long chat one evening over a cup of coffee in the kitchen at the Center with one core group member named Alfred Kropf, better known as Freddy Kropf. He is a well-known witness in the Billy Meier UFO case. On many occasions he took photos of the UFO’s, which Billy Meier verified were space craft’s being piloted by the Plejaran extra-terrestrials or their federation members

Freddy took many good night time photos. They are printed in the coffee table sized Photo book. Furthermore, the circumstances surrounding these photos is written in the form of statements in the Zeugenbuch (The witness book) , where he has several entries, the first one in 1983, as well as in the German contact notes.

One series of very good photographs was taken by Freddy on the 25th of October 1988. It was late evening and he was walking outside of Semjase Silver Star Center at about 11.40 PM, so just prior to midnight.

It was full moon and no clouds so he took with his camera to take some photos of the full moon. Lacking a tripod, he instead rested the camera on the rear window of his car in an angular position. The camera was adjusted to automatically take one photo per 4 second. So within 18 seconds he shot 4 photos of the full moon.

Freddy never saw any UFO when he photographed the moon that evening. It was first when he developed the film, that he became aware that a bright shining UFO was captured on all 4 photographs. It was positioned beside the full moon, but in different locations vis-a-vis the moon in each photo. In one photo the UFO was over the moon. On two of the photos it was under the moon. And on the fourth it was under to the left of the moon.

The UFO was as shining like a sun and appeared on the photo five times larger than the full moon itself. The comparison in size can easily be seen on the photographs since the full moon and the UFO appear within the same frame in all four of them. These photographs are in colour and are of good quality.

Freddy was living on the Center when I was there in 2006 and had a full time job outside. He stated to me that he definitely took these photos. I think he was telling the truth. I think he did take them. It brings up the following questions:

Was it a space ship he photographed, and if so, who did it belong to?

Was he monitored from the space ship so that exact timing for appearing visible was calculated?

Was he monitored from the space ship so that exact angle on his camera was calculated?

Why did he not see the UFO with his own eyes since on the photographs, the UFO appears five times larger than the full moon itself?

The official answer to these questions appeared first later in the contact notes, in a contact Billy Meier held with the extra-terrestrial Ptaah. He was told that this was carefully planned. It was not random.
It was a Plejaran extra-terrestrial who piloted the ship. But he first sought permission from Ptaah. Ptaah, according to the contact notes, is in command of all the extra-terrestrials operating on Earth, belonging to their federation.

This is also what happened according to the contact notes when Edith Beldi took the photo of Florenas beam ship over Lago Maggiore by Luino in Italy 22 April 1998. Then Florena first sought permission from Ptaah before making her ship visible for the camera. This is furthermore also an indication that they look at evidence as something to be given out with great care.

What the notes further states regarding Freddy’s photos, is that the ship was flying in an invisible state, but that a wedge-shaped channel was opened up. Only through this channel was the ship visible. Meaning the ship was not visible 360 degrees, but only within the very narrow sector, shaped in a wedge-shaped form reaching Freddy’s camera.

This would also seem to indicate that great precautions are taken when they supply evidence. In this case only to the selected person on the ground, not to any random bystanders in the area. The information here indicates that the space ship was able to measure the angel Freddy had placed the camera in, and also adjust its own position and angle of visibility accordingly. Meaning to adjust the wedge-shaped channel to fit the camera position, and with great precision it would seem.

The fact that Freddy did not see the space ship, but the camera did, indicate his face fell outside the visibility range. Meaning the space ship was able to lock in on the camera lens and narrow down the wedge-shaped visibility corridor to only cover the area of the lens. So anybody standing beside the camera would not see the ship as they would fall outside of the visibility range.

The circumstances surrounding Freddy’s photos of the 25 October 1988 are discussed in a contact Billy had with the extra-terrestrial Ptaah. The discussion here is related to the circumstances around each of the photos to be printed in the Photo book.

Below is only the part of the contact where Freddy’s photos are being discussed. It goes as follows, my translation above the original in German.

With reference to : Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 (2005) Contact 282 dated Thursday, 13. April 2000 at 23.10 Page 139 to 142:

Good.-Then I have something else that we should look through together and for which assessment is needed. It concerns the photo book which Piero has in progress and of which he has done a provisional printout for your inspection.

11. Then let us examine the work.
12. I however think that we must not discuss my or your comments officially, consequently these should not appear in the conversation report.

That’s clear. Let’s now start the work.

13. Then make continuous notes after I have delivered a comment, if this should be necessary.

I will do that. – Wait, I’m just going to get a pen and paper. - OK, we can now begin....

14... Something is missing here, which I would like to state officially.
15. The report from Freddy is missing in regard to his photographic recordings of the 10th and 25th of October, 1988.
16. Equally, the same applies for Eva concerning the 19th August 1989 when she took a photo of one of our controlling discs.

What Freddy at that time photographed, was it one of your beam ships?

17. Indeed
18. Just as it was one of our aircrafts, it was also one of our controlling discs.

And who at the time piloted the ship?

19. It was Gaudon who performed his control task.
Billy You mean on the 25th of October, 1988?

20. Yes.
21. Equally, the same applies to the 10th of October, 1988 when Freddy took photos of the sunset.

And how did it come about that he let himself be captured on the film by Freddy?

22. It was as such intended and arranged for by Gaudon that only a wedge-shaped channel to the camera stayed open.
23. Gaudon had my permission to do this.

That is indeed news. However what does Gaudon actually mean?

24. <The one who rides with enjoyment >
25. He was actually really glad about the fact that Freddy succeeded with the photographic recordings.

Freddy was of the opinion at the time, as I remember it, that the picture which he took on the 10th of October only was a light reflex in the lens.

That is not the case, because he has in fact photographed Gaudons aircraft.

And what was the case in regards to Eva on the 19.8.1989?

27. There were at that time four controlling discs in use around the Center, remotely controlled from Gaudons aircraft, who was in charge of this task.

And for which purpose was all of this? And why has he not so far come to visit me?

28. Gaudon was only on duty in the region of Earth up to the 16th of November 1989 and was given the order not to make any personal contact with you, but nevertheless make his presence noticed precisely the way through which the photographic recordings by Eva and Freddy has happened.

But for which purpose then if I may ask?

29. Indeed, because the why is not a secret:
30. It should indicate to you and the member of the group that we are willing to let us become visible every now and then, also to the members of the group, for on one hand give them joy and, on the other hand, to indicate to them that we are still constantly present.

The thanks of all group members for that to you in return is a certainty. Let’s however now continue with the Photo book.

German original

With reference to : Plejadisch-plejarische Kontaktberichte, Gespräche, Block 8 (2005) Kontaktberichte. Zweihundertzweiundachtzigster Kontakt Donnerstag, 13. April 2000, 23.10 Uhr Seite 139 biz 142

Gut.- Dann habe ich hier noch etwas, das wir gemeinsam durchsehen sollten und dessen Beurteilung gefragt ist. Es handelt sich dabei um das Photobuch, das Piero in Arbeit hat und von dem er zu deiner Einsichtnahme einen provisorischen Ausdruck gemacht hat.

11. Dann lass uns das Werk begutachten.
12. Ich denke jedoch, dass wir meine oder deine Kommentare dazu nicht offiziell erörtern müssen, folglich diese nicht im Gesprächsbericht erscheinen sollen.

Klarer Fall. Machen wir uns also an die Arbeit.

13. Dann notiere fortlaufend, wenn ich einen Kommentar abzugeben habe, falls dies erforderlich sein sollte.

Werde ich tun. – Moment, ich nehme mir nur Papier und Kugelschreiber.- Ok, dann können wir jetzt beginnen....

14. ... Hier fehlt etwas, das ich offiziell genannt haben möchte.
15. Es fehlt der Bericht von Freddy bezüglich seiner photographischen Aufnahmen vom 10. Und 25. Oktober 1988.
16. Gleichermassen gilt das für Eva in bezug auf den 19. August 1989, als sie eine unserer Kontrollscheiben photographiert hat.

Was Freddy damals photographiert hat, war eines eurer Strahlschiffe ?

17. Gewiss
18. Es war ebenso eines unserer Fluggeräte wie auch die Kontrollscheibe.

Und – wer pilotierte denn damals das Schiff ?

19. Es war Gaudon, der seine Kontrollaufgaben wahrnahm.
Billy Du meinst am 25. Oktober 1988?

20. Ja.
21. Gleichermassen gilt dies für den 10. Oktober 1988, als Freddy Aufnahmen des Sonnenuntergangs machte.

Und wie kam es, dass er sich von Freddy auf den Film Bannen liess?

22. Es war so vorgesehen von Gaudon und derart arrangiert, dass nur ein keilförmiger Kanal zur Kamera offen blieb.
23. Gaudon hatte dazu meine Erlaubnis.

Das sind ja Neugkeiten. Was bedeuted aber eigentlich Gaudon?

24. <Der sich freuende Reiter>
25. Er hat sich auch tatsächlich darüber gefreut, dass Freddy die photographischen Aufnahmen gelungen sind.

Freddy meinte damals, wie ich mich erinnere, dass das Bild, das er am 10. Oktober aufgenommen habe, nur ein Lichtreflex im Objektiv gewesen sei.
Ptaah Das trifft nicht zu, denn er hat tatsächlich Gaudons Fluggerät photographiert.

Und wie war das bei Eva am 19.8.1989?

27. Es waren zu jenem Zeitpunkt vier Kontrollscheiben rund um das Center im Einsatz, ferngesteuert aus Gaudons Fluggerät, der für diese Aufgabe zuständig war.

Und zu welchem Zweck das Ganze? Und warum ist es bisher noch nie mich besuchen gekommen?

28. Gaudon war nur bis zum 16. Novermber 1989 im irdischen Raum im Einsatz und hatte die Order, keine persönlichen Kontakte mit dir aufzunehmen, wohl jedoch in der Form sich bemerkbar zu machen, wie das eben durch die photographischen Aufnahmen von Eva und Freddy geschehen ist.

Aber zu welchem Zweck denn, wenn ich fragen darf?

29. Gewiss, denn das Warum ist kein Geheimnis:
30. Es sollte dir und den Gruppenmitgliedern aufzeigen, dass wir gewillt sind, uns von Zeit zu Zeit auch Gruppenmitglidern sichtbar werden zu lassen, um ihnen einerseits eine Freude zu bereiten und andererseits um ihnen aufzuzeigen, dass wir noch ständig gegenwärtig sind.

Der Dank aller Gruppenmitglieder ist euch dafür gewiss. Machen wir jetzt aber weiter mit dem Photobuch.

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DamoElDiablo said:
I meant that as in if you're copying content from another site, you should be providing links back to the source, and not copying large amounts of information that has been published elsewhere.

Remember this?

Unless it was your 3 days work duty, and you wrote that for this site, you should be posting no more than a paragraph, and linking to the source please.

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Dame El-Diablo,
Thanks for your comment. Yes I confirm I was there for my 3 days work duty on the said date. I confirm I only wrote it for this site. So I have no link to provide elsewhere, because it exists nowhere else. I have given due reference to the part of the contact notes which I have translated, which relates to the photos. This material is not in English wherefore, I provided the German text beneath. Sorry for the length.

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Yes I confirm I was there for my 3 days work duty on the said date.

don't you mean you copy pasted it all into google translate?

i don't know how you can buy into this bergheim.. i'm saying this as someone who whole heartedly believes in ufo's after my own experiences, and in all honesty, meier's photos and videos look like toys in comparison. his stories are absolutely ludicrous.. i strongly urge you to research all the hard work that has been done to discredit the nonsense that he spews. isn't it so convenient that they don't visit him in this modern age where he could photograph/video everything in HD etc? have you ever heard of the vril society?

notice a familiar pattern emerging here?

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dyer said:
this goes through and debunks his claims

You can't argue with that, it's covered pretty much everything including providing the sources of the photos of the women and he's found the actual trash can lid that Meier's wife said he used to mock up an aircraft.

Myth busted.

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