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Wondering if there are any parents of teenage children out there who care about where their children go when they go out or are really aware of the dangers that exist,. I am one heartbroken parent whose daughter; although very sick is gone off on a two day drinking session to sligo with 'friends' who know she is sick,I have no power against the peer pressure that exists with the help of sites like facebook, she is over 18 and nothing I can do...I think facebook makes gossips of the past look like angels...all people do on facebook is look into other peoples lives and in my case is wrecking it...when is there going to be a down with facebook campaign??? Is anyone willing to join me in getting this site away from our children in Ireland. In my opinion it is very destructive and should only be accessible to people over 21.




To be honest, it would be very hard to do anything about facebook. It's a billion dollar(open to correction on that) monster, money talks at the end of the day.

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Some (almost)twentysomethings will drink to excess, and imho this has gone on long before FB, MySpace, Bebo, SMS'es, voice calling or whatever <insert technology here>. Similarly, peer pressure existed long before these services too. That being said, it doesn't discount their role in facilitating this.

I think the most immediate problem here are "friends" who are letting her drink despite her being ill. And seeing as she is over 18, she is responsible for her own mistakes. All you can hope is that she learns from them.

My problems with FB are more concerned with data-mining and misuse of personal data. That's the entry fee to most web services, I'm afraid. For example, I'm not too keen on Gmail scanning through all of my email (and search history) to better target me with adverts, and yet I still use it.

Also, I'm quite sure that there are plenty of 13-20* year olds who don't drink etc. but will want to keep in touch with friends and whatever else. Would it be fair to deny them the use of FB based on your objection?

*13 being the minimum age of use for FB in their terms of service

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I've got lots of concerns about facebook and lack of privacy so much do that I won't put pictures of my son up there. I've told friends and family the same as I feel I have an obligation to protect his privacy until such time as he can do it for himself. That's my idiosyncrasy which a lot of people don't agree with.

So in theory OP I agree with you however your daughter is an adult. She can vote, drive a car, get married etc do she's responsible for her own behaviour. If she chooses to go out while she's sick then that's her choice whether you agree or not.

Restricting Facebook to over 21 year olds seems draconian to me. I'd be far more concerned about protecting kids while using Facebook rather than preventing from using it.

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I have to agree with you OP. I have a few of my young nieces as 'friends' on my page, one is 12, the other 14. Both of them have over 400 'friends' on their pages and the stuff that they write is insane. There's one going around at the moment (I'm sure you've all seen it) 'I have died. Write 1 if you would go to my funeral..write 2 if if you would buy me a wreath...' and so on.

I know when I was a young teenager, I was pretty lacking in the self-esteem department, and if I relied on FB at that time, to help with confidence (which alot of younger people do), I'm not sure I'd be the person I am today.

But I also agree that it's such a huge industry, I doubt a campaign to get rid of it, or at least to block it for vulnerable younger people, would be successful. I'm sure your daughter will be ok OP. Take care.


I also agree with the OP. i used to own a facebook account im 31. I cancelled it a few years back when I noticed bullying on it from younger members. I saw one page put up about an 18 year old girl from my hometown and people were calling her the biggest sl** in the town, because she must have slept with one or two local boys. I just think its awful horrible and it has gone way beyond what it was intended to do. There are of course people using it responsibly. But I would wager most people are guilty of spying into other peoples photos and lives. Its not something I want to be a part off and I felt great when I cancelled my account. I have a 2 year old daughter and one day she will want to be on facebook if society keeps going the way it is. I wont stop her as it will be her decision but it will make me nervous and overprotective if i hear anyone has been mean to her. I wouldnt want to join a movement to ban facebook because I believe in the freedom to choose things in life. But if the whole site was cancelled tomorrow I would breathe a sigh of relief. Go visit your friends and family. Talk make a connection that is real.

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This isn't the place for an anti-facebook campaign.

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