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Ideally under €40

Will push it to €50 if it's really good.


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Money, vouchers, clothes, books, DVDs, CDs, playstation/computer/xbox games, aftershave.

For my 14yo cousin we usually give him money or a voucher 'cause that way he can get what he wants with it.

Normally his parents will get him a games console so by giving him money or a voucher he can go and get whatever games he might want.

It all depends on the boy in question though, what is he into?

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Daisy M Registered User

At that age they love their brands so a branded hoodie would go down well. Last year we got for our 13yr old as a stocking filler a Ben Sherman watch and wallet from argos it was half price approx 26e. He still uses both so it was a good buy.

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Its extreely difficult to buy anything for teens, boys being harder (in my experience) than girls.

None of the teenagers I currently know - or even knew when my elder two were that age were into brand name goods, nor is my 12 year old. In fact my hated anything with a well know brand on it. .. .. but I am told regularly that teenagers love their brands (certainly it must have some truth in it .. I know from my mother than my brothers kids will only wear brands).

I would guess aftershave/shower gel type sets may go down well, as a nod to a 'grown up' present.

Find out what sort of movies he likes, make up a basket with some cheep dvd's in the genre he likes, along with bags of popcorn and chocolate and some cans of coke?

A lot of them at that age love music, but you could easily go totally wrong with the genre here, getting AC/DC for a JLS fan simply would not do!! So if your going for music vouchers for the likes of hmv or such like would be a better route.

And in a lot of ways they are still kids at that age too ... so giant space hoppers, skateboards, new football boots could also work.

Its a nightmare isn't it - teenagers :-)

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