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My hubby joined facebook last night and now he wants to get out of it he's sorry he joined but all I can do is edit his profile I don't see where you can delete or get out of it

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Account Settings > Security Settings > Deactivate your account.

You can't delete your account altogether but deactivating will take it off and as long as you don't sign in again then you technically wont have one.

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If I remember correctly, you can email Facebook themselves and get it deleted, or else there are "Facebook suicide" sites that will delete every pic / post /friend you have made, untag you from everything, make you untagable and change your password to something you don't know. So basically make you an uncontactable amorphous black dot in facebook space.


You can permanently delete your facebook account by clicking this link

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from here

Myth: Facebook holds on to your data, even if you delete your account

True or false: False

Facebook is obliged to delete all your personal data when you get rid of your account, but there are two ways to close your account: deactivating, which is temporary and easily done; and deleting, which is permanent and not as easy to do.

Deactivating an account is done by clicking the link on your account settings (accessed on the top right of your screen under the Home arrow). This closes your account but does not remove it from Facebook's servers, making it a simple matter of reactivating your profile should you decide to come back, instead of having to start rebuilding your network over.

To delete a profile permanently you have to go to the website's help centre ( and submit a request. It's not a huge process, so long as you know where to look.

We're marking this myth 'false' subject to the DPC audit not finding something more sinister.

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I googled 'how to delete FB page'. I know you cannot fully delete it but it disappears from sight anyway. Google gives you a link to delete your account. If you login within 2 weeks of account deactivation this will reactivate your don't be tempted to check your account in those 2 weeks!


The only sure way of doing this is actually deleting yourself!

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I have an old fb page that I set up using another email address - the email id was deleted as it wasn't needed (forgot about the fb page). Now I want to delete that, but can't login since the email id is gone, and I can't remember the password I'd have used - stupid I know. Can't seem to find any way to contact FB to get them to delete it for me. Anyone know of a way?


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