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I looked here last night to see if I could find anything about this new carrier I had seen advertised on tv and there was nothing. So I thought I would put this up for anyone who was wondering about them.

I had a 17kg box to send within the republic and they collected it from my home for €19.95 an post were charging me €30 the same thing. But of course I would have to go to the Post office.

I booked on their website at midnight and the box was picked up at 1600 the same day. They say it will be delivered tomorrow, we'll see.

They are Fastway couriers under a new guise, they were very friendly and called me to organise collection.

As it stands I will definitely use them again as they were the cheapest and handiest I have come across so far. And I would recommend to anyone who were thinking of using them.

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In follow up to my opening post, they collected off me in the evening and it was delivered by 830am the next morning, the recipient said the box was perfect.
So an all round great service.

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Sounds good. Going to use them tomorrow to send a parcel to the UK. €22 for up to 5kgs is great value.


On the morning of 02/08/2012 I booked a collection of a parcel to go to UK. It cost me €17.95. Just out of interest and because I'd got to go to the post office anyway I took the parcel and got a price from An Post - €15.50 (including insurance).
The email I got from Post Plus said I would be contacted with a time for pick-up either the evening before my parcel was due to be collected or failing that on the morning of collection, and that whatever time I was given I would have to leave a THREE HOUR window clear of that time, and if they were unable to collect the parcel then I would be charged anyway.
I am here now on the day of collection at 10.45 in the morning, I have heard from no one, I cannot get a contact number for Post Plus from anywhere on their web site, I have emailed Post Plus and got no reply. So basically I've got to wait in all day in case they ring me and give me a time for collection (for which I've got to allow them 3 hours). Pathetic.
Very poor service. Wont be using them again.

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Find your local Fastway franchise office. They are the same company.

I have used them numerous times now and find them fantastic although I have to agree that no-one has rang me to confirm a collection time.


Ok Thanks for that.

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