jimmynokia Registered User

Afriend of mine took this a month ago and only emerging now.
it was at 6.30 am AT easpoint business park.

what is it?

Star Lord Registered User

Looks like reflected overhead lighting to me TBH...

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jonbravo Registered User

cloud formations can sometimes appear UFO like...did you take a picture of them breaking up!?

Mark Hamill Registered User

DamoElDiablo said:
Looks like reflected overhead lighting to me TBH...

Almost directly under the street lamp, there is a reflection of a white poster of some sort too, so it looks like the picture was taken through a window.

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jimmynokia Registered User

yes i see that so it looks like somebody is spoofing lol! payback time!

Cunning Stunt Registered User

LOL definitely a reflection of spot lights in the ceiling

crushproof Registered User

Looks like someone didnt have their morning wake up coffee

somegirl2009 Registered User

Why would you bother ??? waste of time!!!!!!!!

lesserspottedchloe Registered User

a picture of a window that reflects the spotlights in the office ceiling.

ronsgonawin Registered User

Im not sure

Hellraiser Helen Registered User

Someone looking out the window from an office. Or else we're being invaded by rock and roll loving aliens.


is this something to do with JFK?


Does look like through a window alright, but also looks like naturally occuring cloud formation...

It looks like early morning / late evening, if it is clouds it's a shame he didn't catch the sunrise / set through them, as can make them more spectacular, but at the gradual heating or cooling of the air, particularly over a body of water, as in your picture, pockets of mositure can rise or descend in the air.

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seastone Registered User


Kenny Logins Registered User

Does look like through a window alright...

..because it is.

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