• Andy Carroll (23.57%)
  • Demba Ba (76.43%)
skippy15 Registered User

tommyhaas said:
I'd have Andy Carroll before Demba Ba. But I'd have Demba Ba on a free before I'd have Andy Carroll for £35m

If it wasn't for the stupid price tag it isn't an issue-

Ba having good few games where as Carroll is an England international but just off form slightly overweight, a pisshead and a bad lawyer away from string of convictions...still Carroll

Cypher_sounds Registered User

Demba Ba, all things considered.


I like Andy's hair.

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Diabhal Beag Registered User

Will have to see how Ba continues. Didn't really see him as a stunning player at West Ham but he's been great so far. Think Carroll will be better though.



*serious answer: Ba

BOHtox Registered User

They'd be quality upfront together. Ba's pace and strength and Carroll's height and physical presence. They'd be a serious pairing!

That_Guy Registered User

On current form it has to be Ba.


How can anyone answer this?

Anyone who does is silly.

slingerz Registered User

On current form it's Ba but Carroll hasn't been playing poorly either.

If it was Carroll's form this time last year vs Ba then it'd be Carroll all day


For the money they cost, Ba any day.

leonidas83 Banned

Ba looks the much better player at the moment because Newcastle are playing to his strengths, just like the way when Andy Carroll was there.

Thats not the Liverpool way, the Liverpool style is all out passing and moving,running with the ball, etc. This does not suit Carrolls style in the slightest, he is not comfortable on his feet and is more of a target man than anything else. Liverpool's style suits Saurez and the likes of Torres, they would do well to cut their losses on Carroll and get a player similar in the mould of above two.

homerjay2005 Registered User

value for money = Ba. he has form too, carrlol is off form and badly at that.

newcastle have him plus 35million to potentially spend, liverpool have carrlol warming the bench. newcastle seriously got the better deal here.

homerjay2005 Registered User

leonidas83 said:
, he is not comfortable on his feet and is more of a target man than anything else..

surely a a 35million quid striker is more than that???


Carroll and it's not really that close.

That_Guy Registered User

Chucky the tree said:
Carroll and it's not really that close.

So you'd prefer a striker who doesn't score goals over a striker who does score goals?

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