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silly said:

Mink, like Java I am most looking forward to reading your birth story. I really have everything crossed for you that it will all go swimmingly. (see what I did there? Swimmingly?...pool?...ok sorry) all the best! Hope it happens sooner rather than later. X

Haha, I see what you did there! I'm farting enough these days I'll turn the birthing pool into a jacuzzi.

tinkerbell79 said:

Mink there's a home birth on from here to maternity tonight!

Yes I was delighted to see that. Certainly gives me more courage. Granted they are on their 3rd or 4th baby but it was great to see it getting promoted. There's actually loads of independent midwives in Cork area, way more than Dublin. The lady who had the water birth has the exact same pool as me so was good to see it in action.

javagal said:
Omg 4 left!

Then what !

I don't know! I won't have a list to keep up anymore, that I know.

theg81der said:

Tink, Mink and March do the other girls stories have you a little freaked too? I thought there was an upside to being last but em....I can`t see it now!!

Eh yes I have to admit they have freaked me out a bit. But I've gotten freaked out reading lots of stories on the net! At the end of the day, there's been a great result for each story! Seeing the homebirths tonight on From Here to Maternity and watching the ones on Homebirth Diaries on that Lifestyle channel have kept me sane.

Haha that reminds me, after a couple of the stories from our July board, I emailed me sis (who had a homebirth on last baby) & I was like "ok tell me your birth story again but this time be HONEST about the pain". She told me that when she got in the water it really took the edge off (she couldn't get in til she was 5cm) and then when she was getting to transition/crowning it was just the most awful pain & again she didn't think she could do it but did it anyway. In fairness the gas & air was available to her but she wasn't bothered geting the midwives to get it out so she just carried on. Also the way she puts it is that you know there is an end in sight & you get this great reward at the end.

She also told me that she always freaked out from 38 weeks onwards!

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Ginny said:
Silly I was told 6 weeks??? I am completely freaked by them, I thought it was just my ankles and feet till I knelt down last night and when I stood up there was a huge crater in it!!!
Although I had at least 4 saline drips and 2 oxy drips too so I could be retaining fluid from them, tis only my feet and legs though, hands seem to have gone down.
Every muscle hurts now though, from my neck down, thank god for Ponston and Solpodine. I have the home visit tomorrow, what happens at them other then the heel prick?
Oh and Chicken I noticed his hands and legs went purple i the hosp when they did the bath, so I'm sure its normal?

home visit:she will check yer stitches and check bubs over and tell you how to register the birth and stuff
mine was a little mad she showed me how to use my doorbell(cause i didnt hear it ring) she also said to selotape a cushion to birthing ball and put feet on it when sitting down ....swelling was gone within 72 hours
thanks about the bath im still not right from it and keep checking his arms to see if theyre moving the same(over cautious i know) ......even my ten day old baby sighed at me when i done it earlier

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mmmn..chicken Registered User

its a brave move alright mink....the water birth maybe have the gas and air handy just in case.
i think everyone gets nervous at the end .....regardless of what way they are planning on having it.
best of luck

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I'd say I'll end up using the gas & air, probably all her tanks that she has.

After reading some of the birth stories I'd nearly be braver going into hospital, women don't seem to get listened to & there's such a change over of staff that no one follows their notes or correlates all their history so stuff gets missed!

I feel more confident with my midwife as she's over 20yrs experience delivering babies and knows me through & through and will be with me the whole way, no shift change. Well all going to plan that will be how it goes!

In fairness not all hospitals like that, when my sis was in Rotunda they were very busy but they really looked after her brilliant (apart from missing that her bladder was about to burst as too full & blocked)

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TwoMums2Be Registered User

I must post my birth story in that thread it was such a sedate affair you'd fall asleep reading it but I guess it's nice to know that some births (section in my case) go super smooth

Mink I understand how you feel re having a stable force during labour considering what you have read etc I do hope you get the birth you want & manage to stay home for the whole event its gotta be nice not to be in hospital & have your partner with you all that first night

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I shuffled over to the August thread with my tail between my legs :-) its going to be an August baby!

Two mums def write your birth story, will help ladies booked in for sections and they are nervous about it or have heard horror stories re sections.

OH called his mam to let her know that there was some stuff happening, but might still be a false start. It seems to have sunken in with her that we're having it at home and I think she wants to be here for the birth! She's a bit high strung so I think we're just going to have her over as soon as baby's born

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I better shuffle to August too .....

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Ginny Hosted Moderator

Oh jesus Mink make sure she doesn't come over for it, god that would be my worst nightmare.
I think we managed over 5 hours sleep last night, fingers crossed it continues! Did everyone else's maternity benefit kick in on time?

Mink Registered User

I won't tell you how much sleep I got ginny as I'll only make you jealous!

I think she offered to be here as I don't have my mam and sisters are in uk. But even if they were here I think I'd just have OH and midwife there for birth. I don't know how those American women have their whole family in the birthing room.

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Ginny Hosted Moderator

Oh yeah that would freak me out, so much pressure! Sure until the second I needed him to I insisted my OH stayed up top holding my hand!

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notsobusy-2nd July - *Boy* - BORN 27th June, 7lbs 2oz
Tinkerbell4484 - 4th July - *Girl* - BORN 25th June, 5lbs 3oz
Mamaheidi-8th July - *Girl* - BORN 14th July, 7lbs 6oz
Cyning-8th July *girl* - BORN 7th July, 7lbs 15oz
Barremic -9th July *boy* - BORN 17th June, 6lbs 14oz
Javagal-9th July - *Girl* - BORN 20th July, 9lbs 10oz
Robinc-9th July - *Girl* - BORN 3rd July, 6lbs 15oz
Kiwi2011-12th July *boy* - BORN 26th July, 7lbs 3oz
Kash-13th July - *Girl* - BORN 14th July, 9lbs
WWC1 - 13th July - *Girl* BORN 25th July, 7lbs 9oz
minibear - 13th July *Girl* - BORN 15th July, 7lbs 1oz
Nyquist Freak -14th July - *Boy* - BORN 10th July, 8lbs 2oz
KildareAsh-15th July *Girl* - BORN 22nd June, 7lbs 8oz
Twomums2be - 15th July *Girl* - BORN 10th July, 8lbs 8oz
Feest - 15th July - *girl* - BORN 14th July, 7lbs 6oz
Silly- 18th July *boy* - BORN 26th July, 9lbs 3.5oz
Fri.Day - 18th July - *Boy* - BORN 27th July, 8lbs
Mmm...chicken - 21st July *Boy* - BORN 19th July, 8lbs 8oz
Trions - 22nd July *Boy* - BORN 29th July, 9lbs 2oz
Saurelin- 22nd July - *Girl* - BORN 21st July, 6lbs 6oz
March11 - 24th July -
Ginny - 25th July *Boy* - BORN 26th July, 7lbs 4oz
Tinkerbell79 - 27th July *Girl* - BORN 1st Aug, 8lbs 8oz

Mink- 28th July - *Boy*
Jennytightlips - 29th July *Boy*- BORN 13th July, 6lbs 7oz
theg81der- 31st July - *Boy*

Congrats Tinkerbell 79 on your gorgeous girl. And then there were 3...

If don't hear anything from March2011 by the 7th I'll mark as born.

It's quiet in here *as is my womb at the moment*

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Me too Mink last night I got that "just before your period feeling" last night then it vanished

I`m actually giving up at this stage

Why won`t he come out - everything in sight is clean, his leaba is ready, his clothes are in the newly painted lovely nursery, colostrium is ready to flow.....Bring.on.the.PAINNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!

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javagal Registered User

Isn't it the most frustrating time of your life??

I was ready to ask OH to go up there with two spagetti spoons and pull her out himself.

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Mink Registered User


Think I could fashion something to work with our vacuum cleaner?

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javagal Registered User

Mink said:

Think I could fashion something to work with our vacuum cleaner?

Your creative I'm sure you could!
He'd prob come out with a mohawk then too which would suit his future rock stardom

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