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I get woken up during the night with kicks too, I had a very busy day yesterday, in and out of the car all day, and then out last night to a pub! Yes, me in a pub. Last time me and hubby were out together was Halloween night! ( apart from Christmas it was his first night out in ages too)

I had my anomaly scan yesterday, wow I loved it!, didn't want it to end. She showed us everything, legs arms heart head. big feet...his/her daddy is size 14, so maybe it's a boy? She showed us some 3d images too and gave us lots of print outs. Baby is pouting in the 3d images. Mommy is a pouter, so maybe it's a girl?

She said all the scans she had that morning the babies were keeping very still, but oh no, not this little one, constantly moving and kicking her scan thing and turning around...then the baby settled, and she wanted baby to turn so she could get a proper look at the spine, but baby got very stubborn and wouldn't move. She was prodding and getting me to lie on my side, but no way. Stubborn, just like mommy and daddy! So who knows!

I feel bruised on the inside with all the kicking.
What week does 3rd trimester start?

Mink Registered User

Oh that sounds like a great scan Silly, congratulations!!

Third trimester starts at 7 months - week 28 I believe. That's what my What To Expect book says anyway.

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javagal Registered User

what an amazing day! nesting has extended to the garden, weeded my rockery , planted bulbs and power washed my patio !
i am woman hear me roar !

notsobusy Registered User

I bought the over the bump bootcut jeans from next a few weeks ago and love them!!! But I also bought the skinny jeans with the elastic waist the whole way round and they are very very comfy.

I swear I've doubled in size the last couple of weeks. I'm about 26 and a half weeks at this stage! Starting to get quite uncomfortable at night and usually end up waking up several times in the night.....getting far too warm aswell. Luckily so does fiancee when I stay with him and we have every window in the bedroom open at night now.

At my Dads house where I work from during the week we are on the coast so it's not so bad also I have the entire bed to myself usually so can move around non stop if I want!

TwoMums2Be Registered User

We had my two little nieces staying over so today I let them feel my belly to see if they got a kick one did but baby is keeping a low profile today! Feeling my belly is by invitation only

javagal Registered User

silly Congrats on your scan :-)

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notsobusy Registered User

Silly I totally missed your post! The anomaly scan is amazing! Glad you enjoyed it

Oh and on the people touching your belly thing, I hate it unless I really like the person. I know people are only being nice and supportive but it's very intimidating...

mamaheidi Registered User

Silly, congrats on the scan!

Luckily I haven't had any belly-feelers (except OH & my sister)... I'm not sure how I'd react if somebody I didn't know too well asked for a feel...

Did a major spring clean today - have about enough room for a moses basket now!

Kiwi2011 Registered User

Anyone bought maternity tights? Was at the afters of a wedding tonight and felt v self conscious in trousers and dressy top. Wld normally wear dress but none of my normal tights r that comfortable anymore and they make a wierd shape around my belly area under any dress.

Hi Kildaresh - I bought maternity tights last week from H&M, 2 pairs for 7.50 I think they where - they are great! A total godsend as I hated wearing normal ones as they were falling and rolling down all the time!

Think I might be nesting too.... I have this list of things I want doing around the house, all small bits and pieces that have be put off and put off but I feel that I want them all done before july as feel it will never get done otherwise!

Have bought a few basics for the baby too, vests, babygros, bottle starter pack, microwave steraliser ( friend has one and totally recommends it over big bulky electric job!) and have the buggy/pram travel system put away at the shop. so not doing too bad!!!

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cyning Registered User

Went shopping for furniture today for babies room: picked wardrobe, chest of drawers, locker and bed: I know the bed won't be needed for ages and ages but its more for us if babs is having bad night etc: plus it means all the furniture in that room will match!

I am completely and utterly stoney broke now: I suppose all the not working was going to catch up on me at some stage

Silly your scan sounds fab

I had my belly rubbed up and down the other day: was mightily unimpressed! On the other hand my 4 year old cousin spent nearly an hour yesterday with either her ear pressed up against my belly or her hand on my belly "to feel baby" and taking photos of my belly on her mums phone: because she wanted pictures of her new baby cousin... that was just adorable

kildareash Registered User

mamaheidi said:
Luckily I haven't had any belly-feelers (except OH & my sister)... I'm not sure how I'd react if somebody I didn't know too well asked for a feel...

In my experience people don't ask, they just touch! Personally, I just feel really uncomfortable when they do.

Had such a great day today - stayed in bed this morn, then went for a walk in the woods with boyfriend and dogs before heading to my nieces birthday party. She was 17 today, but she's special needs and loves a good birthday party. 'happy birthday' is sang twice on everyone's birthday in our house - once for the person's whose actual birthday it is and then the candles are relit and everyone sings for my niece!

javagal Registered User

I feel like i have an internal hot water bottle, i am melting! have a heat rash all over my face and look flushed . I think from about 6 feet away it might be mistaken for a pregnancy glow but up close my face looks like the surface of the moon!

Kash Registered User

I was like that yesterday Java - I spent the day in a t-shirt and knickers.

Still have really bad cramps today, they are getting worse, so I'm going to head to the doc. Baby is still kicking away, so that's all good.

kepp you fingers crossed for me that everything is A-OK!

TwoMums2Be Registered User

Fingers are well & truly crossed Kash! I hope all goes well for you today but baby kicking away has got to be a good sign

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mamaheidi Registered User

Kash hope you're ok. Thinking of you!

Just to let you all know the sma site is back up & running for free tickets to the pregnancy and baby fair - got mine this morning.

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