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Mr.Nice Guy said:
Sheamus is getting a fantastic push. Hope he gets a title shot soon. I like when he teams with Orton too. They are different, but it works for me anyway.

our fellah seems to be one of if not the only guy they have gotten fully behind and pushed right out of the new crop of superstars imo. This has been hugely helped by him doing everything right when pushed tbh but they didnt ever break his momentum during a push as they often do with throwaway losses like they have done with ADR recently. I almost hope he doesent get a title shot too soon because I imagine him continuing to go over and be pushed vs all the heels outside of the main event but either way I'm confident they will treat him right. HHHs buddy or not he is being treated the way he deserves imo from what he has shown and the reaction he has gotten.

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It really didn't take him long to get over as a face did it? He seems to get a really good reaction everywhere. Not sure about his "The Great White" moniker but at least it's better than the whole King Sheamus schtick I guess. He's a very dependable guy in the ring too, always puts on a decent match.

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Smackdown was very good this week.

Its written very well.

I have no idea where the Bryan involvement in Show and Henry is going but it has added a new Angle to the Show v Henry feud. His involvement was used well to create further anymosity between Henry and Show without them having to face off every week. Bryan possible cashing in as part of the storyline is also an intriguing angle.

Sheamus' push continues and continues to be executed well.

Barrett's return to form is welcome and again it is being executed well. I like Barrett as he gives you no reason to like him, he is a proper heel.

The Hunico v Kofi match and the Sin Cara v Ziggler matches were enjoyable. Ziggler is making the most of his on screen time. He has no problem making someone else look good and is excelling at using the promo time or his spots in a match to get his persona across.

Not sure what to make of Mason Ryan's push yet!

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Agreed on pretty much all of that. Mason Ryan's push seems a bit forced but he's trying hard. Just think he could have spent some time getting established as a heel and it wouldn't have hurt him much, crowds seem a bit "meh" towards him at present. Overall though, logical booking, no annoying comedy segments, no ridiculous Twitter nonsense every 5 minutes, Smackdown is very enjoyable these days.

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