Bob Z Registered User

Can you get points for buying anything in easons? or is it only books? i have asked in the shop but they don't seem to know or give different answers

snappieT Registered User

Points cannot be collected upon the purchase of the following : Cash Back, gift cards, gift vouchers, book tokens, stamps, bin tags, cigarettes and other tobacco products, phone cards, scratch cards, carrier bags, lotto, lotto payout, parking disks, international call cards, school books and eBooks. Other products and ranges may be excluded at any time and without prior notice and such changes will be at the discretion of Eason or as directed by Irish or EU legislation.

Otherwise I guess you can use it for anything. Quoted from

Corruptedmorals Registered User

I love the way they had to include cashback in that books being excepted is slightly scabby though.

I seem to collect points on drinks myself.

AvaKinder Registered User

The margins must be really tight on school books as staff don't even get discounts on them. or actually on anything that's listed above.

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