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I was just looking on this site for a debs dress (early, I know ) and I noticed that the dress, made to fit, came to €93 including shipping. I know that these dresses are made in Asia and may not be of the highest quality, but I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with them and whether it's worth the money?

Irishshin Registered User

We just ordered my sisters bridesmaid dresses from them this week.

So far they have been really good to deal with.

Will post back once we get the dresses!

Sligo22 Registered User

I know this thread has been idle for a while but thought you may still be considering ordering from dressingpod. I just recieved three dresses i rdered custom made from them today, my wedding dress a flower girl dress and my bridesmaid dress!! I could'nt be happier with the dresses... like you i thought the quality might not be fantastic but i was wrong.... my dress is as good as any i tryed on in a boutique that cost 1500 euros!! all the sequins and beads are hand stitched on.. it fits absolutley perfectly!! So Happy honestly I would order from that web site again in a heartbeat my dress will need some very minor alterations, like just to put a few stiches here and there to shorten the halter and that... but yeah honestly thrilled!!

panther87 Registered User


Do you have any pictures of the dresses you ordered from


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