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Much appreciated... thanks alot.

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I did mine a few weeks ago and yes it is a little harder than last time. But overall it is not so bad.

What is confusing this time round are all the technical bulletins that were added and you don't have access to in the exam. Over all though it is ok. I would advise you to go over the sample questions which SEAI have on their website. I got about 3 of those in mine. You should have enough time but make sure you are familiar with where everything is in the Deap manual.
I was disappointed to see a question on 'What is the number of days you have to appeal an audit result?' What in goodness name has that to do with being able to complete a BER or not.
Anyway best of luck!

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Last question guys... How similar is the exam to the sample questions given on the seai website.

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bennyb98 said:
Last question guys... How similar is the exam to the sample questions given on the seai website.

It's worth looking at the sample paper. I had 3 or 4 questions from that. The questions are similar alright. Also, read up on what you can and can't do with nas, there were a few questions on this that I couldn't find in any of the documents you're given in the exam.

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Hi I sat the BER exam recently and was confused by a few questions;
Can you guys suggest where to get answers.

What type of measure would be the first to improve the beer of an existing dwelling.
1. improve the frabric insulation 2. building services improvement.
3 add renewable energy system 4. fuel switching.

In a typical dwelling what will the effect of a well designed solar water system with 1sqm of collector appeature per person. What % of water heating would it satisfy?
1. 20% 2. 50% 3. 90% 4. 100%

Which of the refurb jobs is likely to be the most cost effective?
1. on site wind turbine. 2. solar hot water system. 3 external wall insulation 4. change fuel type

When might it be inappropriate to recommend a cavity wall be filled with insulation?
1 when the site is very exposed. 2 when there is evidence of damp
3. when brick pointing is recessed. 4 all of the above

which fuel is likely to generate the worst BER when there is no variation in the heating system efficiency?
1 Coal 2. electricity 3. peat 4 wood chip

A house built to 2008 bR PL has 2 wall types down stairs 0.24 u-value and area of 90sqm. FF .30 u-value and area of 48sqm. what is the area weighed average u-value of the wall and does it comply with regs?
1. 0.25 -complies with regs 2. 0.26 - complies with regs.
3. 0.26 does not comply with regs 4 0.28 - does not comply with regs.

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