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can anyone help me find a ride on fire truck or pedal car for my child.

Although he has only gone 4 yrs he is over 110 cm's tall.

We took him to Smyths last weekend to "try him for size" on the rolly unimog fire truck and he was really taken with it. He really wants it now for Christmas, however we are not sure about his size on it.
While he was able to pedal it in the shop it was obvious that his legs were too long to be able to use it for too long. The guy in the shop didn't think the seat could be adjusted back any further.
We would like to be able to get him something similar if possible that would last him a year or two of growing (even battery operated).
Has any one any ideas please?

tinapops Registered User

hi ,i bought that exact fire truck for my 5 year old last year and he adores fire trucks we got it from a shop in limerick with fire hose trailer winch etc,a lovely tough toy but my son bever played with it much so selling it,the only thing i thought was bad about it was its so sturdy that it was abit heavy for him he couldnt go very fast in it ,plus the seat does adjust i know i put it together great toy and my son is six still fits sizewise

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derryvella Registered User

Hi tinapops, if you son is six and he still fits it fine then it should be okay for our lad. We didn't know there was a trailer add on for it! Can you remember where you got it?

Just to be sure is this the truck?


tinapops Registered User

yes thats the same one,it wasnt available in smyths last year so i bought it in croom cycles limerick they delivered to us,they sold us the truck ,winch which goes on the front and a trailer with a tank on it and a hose that squirts water all for about 240 euro at the time

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