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I am currently doing a part time course in ITB and I think that the lecturers have sent out some information to our student emails. The problem is I have no idea what mine is or where to access it. Quite embarrassing.

Any pointers?

LaughingJoker91 Registered User

Have you got a student card?

Do you know your student number?

If yes, your email is StuNum@student.itb.ie example: B00012345@student.itb.ie.

To access you email go onto http://outlook.com and try to recover your password. If you can't , go to the student help desk in the library, and they'll help ye or point ye in the right direction

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Thanks I was putting in studentnumber@itb.ie

LaughingJoker91 Registered User

Thanks I was putting in studentnumber@itb.ie

Yeah, generally, only ITB staff get an *@itb.ie email.

All students are *@student.itb.ie.

roy rodgers Registered User

its on moodle or student share i bet...

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