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Games Industry Mentor.

Interesting if you are in the games industry or trying to get in.
Hosted by some guys from Bioware, pretty relevant to Irish gamers considering Bioware have an office in Galway now.

I might apply someday when I get back to Ireland.

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Mr E Administrator

I'm working on a game with a friend at the moment, so that's really relevant to me. Cheers!

shockwave Registered User

If your into World of Warcraft my fav podcasts are The instance & Convert to Raid, two of the best imo.

Lanaier Registered User

Mr E said:
I'm working on a game with a friend at the moment, so that's really relevant to me. Cheers!


Kersmash Registered User
#20 for great pc gaming podcasts and bant.

neoanto Registered User

Guys if your looking for a new podcast to listen to check out a new one that me and my friends have created.
its called Friday Night Gurriers, and its about console videogames and new movies.

you can download episode at httP://

or on iTunes, just search for Friday Night Gurriers.

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TheStook Registered User

Painkiller Already for Cod fans, they talk about a lot of other funny **** aswell

Syferus Registered User

As someone who has a historical fondness for Japanese games (which has waned considerably, with a few exceptions, but that's another story), 8-4 Play is easily my favourite video games podcast. Anyone who was a fan of 1UP Yours back in its heyday will love hearing Mark McDonald again, and his co-workers are equally entertaining and opinionated. They run a game translation company based in Shibuya, Tokyo, and talk focuses on Japanese events, though it isn't limited to those alone. It's bi-weekly and manages to be more independent-minded than most podcasts that don't have direct involvement in the industry.

Xevkin Registered User

Big Red Potion, the EXPcast, Cane and Rinse, Retronauts and the are all great, in their own ways. The former three are particularly give thought provoking analysis of games, gaming culture and general trends in games. Retronauts is good for a laugh and nostalgia, their recent game movie series was hilarious.

A Life Well Wasted and Brany Gamer podcast are definitely worth a try to. Pity that Active Time Babble/Roleplayers' Realm is defunct, but if anybody is in to RPGs they should give them both a try.

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I've been lurking on BOARDS IE for about 5 years now. I never post. I finally signed up today again because I couldn't remember my old password.

I had to post here.

I do a radio show in Illinois (USA) about video games. It's on the weekend. I do a regular talk show about politics, news, life, etc. during the week, but on the weekend, it's just about video games.

The hosts and I are trying to get more people from all around the world to listen to us and to call the show live. It's a very adult conversation about video games. It actually airs today at 2pm CENTRAL TIME in America. I would LOVE to get some of you to call the show!!

Here is a link to some of our discussions and some of the past shows. I hope you like it.

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Outlaw Radio Registered User

PS: I'm not selling anything, trying to get people to look at ads or hear ads - etc. I just want more people to know we're doing this show because we love video games and think more adults should get into it.


david_dsouza Registered User

I love to play games, specially 3D games. These are the first choice of people who love games and wining game is passion for them.

jaykhunter Moderator

Anyone listen to any great episodes about videogames lately? Looking to try something new & wanna start off on the right foot

MarkusBrady Registered User

The IGN UK podcast is pretty great. Around half the podcast is about movies and they get guests on fairly regularly. Roosterteeth and the Internet Box are also really good but focused mainly on 360 stuff. I think these have been mentioned earlier but The Geekbox, Rebel FM and Gamescoop are all pretty awesome.

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Mr E Administrator

My new favourite podcast is Gameological (

The host (John Teti) kept plugging it while co-hosting on Eurogamer's E3 podcasts, so I thought I'd check it out (Teti was very good on the Eurogamer podcasts). Very interesting, intelligent discussion about specific game topics. There are seven there. The first four cover topics such as:

Mastery of Games
Game Endings
Best/Worst Opening Acts in Games
Cheating in Games

The other 3 are the same as Eurogamer's E3 podcasts (they were a collaboration).

Really worth a listen for some great discussion.

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