deandean Registered User

My 15 month old dog chewed through his collar last week.

I got a replacement which I coated with tea tree oil in the naive thought it'd put him off. Nope, he loved it, end of second collar.

I bought another new collar this morning. Have you got any suggestions of something I can put on the collar that'd put him off chewing it while being kind to his skin?

The collars I use are the heavy duty woven cotton/nylon strap type.

Any suggestions welcomed.

Cheshire Cat Registered User

How does he actually get to the collar to chew? Is it that loose? Trying hard to envisage this, but failing miserably

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deandean Registered User

I had to watch a bit to see how he does it! Yea we keep his collar fairly loose, just tight enough so it doesn't slip over his head. He gets a front leg inside the collar, then gets his mouth around it.

Maybe I just need to keep the collar tighter?


my lad does this too, I dont know how he gets them off...been through half dozen this year at least.

be inerested to see responses here

carleigh Registered User

Have you tried sprinkling a bit of vinegar on it? Though if he liked the tea tree oil, it probably wouldnt work! I think the rule is tight enough to get a couple of fingers under the collar, that what I do for my dog, and he had the same collar for over 10 years til he lost it last February (I never clipped it back on correctly after his bath and it fell off in the woods!).

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andreac Registered User

Does he need to wear a collar when you arent supervising him? My dogs never wear a collar unless they are going for a walk.

Its too risky leaving a collar on a dog when they arent being supervised in my opinion. I know of dogs who have caught their collars in something and chocked themselves and died, not nice, so i never leave collars on mine unless we are out walking.

Alternatively, can you leave him something to occupy him to stop him chewing his collar, ie a filled Kong?

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tk123 Registered User

Either tighten it or take it off . If it's loose enough for him to get his leg thru/mouth around it's an accident waiting to happen imo.

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deandean Registered User

If I leave collar on he gets used to it.

If I leave the collar off and only put it on when it's needed, he spends all his time pulling and picking at the collar. Reckon I need one that stays on him.

I'll probably have to try his collar a bit tighter. I just hate the idea, it reminds me of the feeling of wearing a shirt 'n tie (which I am alien to).

ppink Registered User

If I were you I would tighten it and get him something nice to chew on as he obviously wants to be chewing!
Kongs are excellent and I found the nylabones good for our dogs too.....they will keep his mind off his collar

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Sigma Force Registered User

Try a leather collar and ensure only two of your fingers can fit underneath the collar any more than that and it's too loose, any less and it's too tight.
Is he microchipped? If not ensure he is microchipped so that if he does loose a collar he is still identifiable.

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JustAThought Registered User

Laughing my head off at thus!!! Thanks a million OP ; just love the visual of the little dog doing his gymnastic voodoo collar eating ritual!!

Y; it's way too loose!!don't mind your own TShirt phobia; it's the dog not you!!!! Firm it up to get just one or two fingers under & there you have it!!! Mine will always play the game of trying to eat the collar as I put it on ( great fun) but once it's on, it's ignored!!!

With a collar too loose you're not doing it any favours really; h/ she could slip off the collar while out walking & be lost or get into accidental trouble; not to mention choking on small parts : 0

Live the mental pic thou! Smart dog!! Very loose collar!!!!

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Susannahmia Registered User

Lol you should change his name to Hudini!

I read before that tea tree oil can be toxic to digs, especially small ones. So be careful of that!

If he really hates the collar how about getting him microchipped and using a harness just for walks instead?

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deandean Registered User

Right, I got this sorted yesterday. Yousers are dead right, it's down to the collar tightness and there isn't a need for bitter stuff. When it's the right fit he'll try to chew it a couple of times, then give up.

I ended up getting a big needle from a chandlery and re-stitching the collar, it was an inch too long.

Thanks all.

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Penname Registered User

I second getting him a Kong. My dog kept chewing on my kids toys so got him a small Kong and he spent all day yesterday and so far today playing with it. He hasn't even looked at a toy and there are toy Ponies, crayons (his favourite to eat) and dollies everywhere - he hasn't even noticed cos he's so busy with his Kong! Fill it with his fave food and stick it in the freezer. It lasts longer.

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