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I like to go for Denon AVR 1912 AV receiver (http://www.denon.co.uk/uk/Product/Pa...ductId=AVR1912) my first Home Theatre system. Which is the best speaker that would got with this AV receiver which costs around 200?

Some of the ones i have in mind are
1. Tannoy SFX5.1
2. Jamo A102 HCS6
3. Canton Movie 125
4. Boston Acoustics Soundware XS
5. KEF KHT1005.2
6. Any other ones that you feel suits best with AVR-1912?

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Within whatever budget constraints you have, the 'best' speakers will be the ones that sound the best to you and have aesthetics you are happy with. Your best bet is to listen to them, if possible, and choose those that sound the best to you. Always a good idea to have B&W speakers on a list of possibilities.

There is no magical quality that makes speakers a good or bad match for a piece of equipment driving them, apart from their efficiency and how that relates to the power available to drive them. In other words, if you have two different brands of receivers that output 100w rms, a given pair of speakers will sound the same whichever one is driving them.

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I have read about some AV receiver + Speaker Package combis that would work well while some others wont because of bright sounding etc.

Any feed back from your experience ?

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The sound of a system is almost wholly determined by the speakers and the characteristics of the room they are situated in. If some packages sound 'bright' it would be due to the speakers or room.

Rooms with hard floors, no rugs, and few soft furnishings will tend to sound a bit 'bright' due to sound reflecting off surfaces, which is the case with my secondary sound system in the room with the TV.

My main 2 ch system is in a room with large book cases, is fully carpeted, has heavy curtains and as a result it is sonically 'dead' and is a much better place to listen to music.

Sorry this probably doesn't help, but really there is no getting around actually listening to the speakers or reading a lot of reviews and looking at the specs if that is not possible.

If speakers packages sound bright, it will be because of the speakers characteristics and/or the room, not because of some mysterious mis-match with the receiver.

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There are few places that actually have models displayed where you could actually listen to it. Now I seriously doubt whether i would be able to unleash the full power of Denon AVR 1912 ever.

My room is small 4 x 5 mtrs with wooden flooring. So probably a features rich less pricey 5.1 AV Receiver with 2011 standard features Stand by passthrough, 3D capable, Audio Return Channel (ARC) with a good 5.1 speaker package that comes with cables would serve my purpose.

What about the Pioneer HTP-SL100 - http://www.pioneer.eu/uk/products/45/66/42/HTP-SL100/index.html

Seems slim with all the features I need. But couldnt find any reviews of it any where.

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it seem like a real shame to connect 200 euro speakers to the denon it is a reallytop class amp and deserves more than that, i have heard it running bower and wilkins dm 25 5.1 + subwoofer and it sound tremendous if you could possibly save to at least 1000 euro or go to cloney audio and listen to the denon with suitable speakers you would know what i mean i know times are hard but if you bought the denon then you are an enthusiast and should not cut corners now

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