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Posted this in the other thread but probably better off here:

My tips for loadout would be:


AR: T95/ACR/G36C/Scar/FAD
Attachments: Red dot/Silencer (nothing else! Rest are useless.)
Proficiency: Kick/Impact

SMG: MP5/UMP/PP/P90/Last one
Attachments: Red dot/Silencer/Rapid fire/Extended mags (nothing else)
Proficiency: Range

Secondary: Either of the 2 revolvers
Perk 1: Sleight of Hand/Extreme Conditioning
Perk 2: Quickdraw/Assassin
Perk 3: Dead Silence/Stalker

Killstreaks: 3 uav / 5 pred / 7 chopper
Deathstreak: The one that makes you kill your 1st person in less bullets.

Is all I use and works pretty well, uavs are very good but don't rely on them as lots of people use jammers. I find that choppers get more kills than strafe runs so are a good choice at 7. Preds are always a solid kill/double kill.

Other general tips:
If you're going around a corner use ADS just as you walk around, will get you that kill if somebody's waiting there.
ALWAYS look at your radar.
Try to pay attention to where people spawn ie. if you're pushing the left side on ctf where are the opposition spawing? How close do you have to go to C domo before they spawn at A? When you start noticing these things you'll be able to have a very good idea of where the entire other team is.
Use 3 sensitivity.
If you don't knife much use Tactical button layout.


perk set up-use blind eye pro*,assasin pro**because of the amount of aerial support thats up.

you have to take into account the retardedness of your team mates not making an effort to shoot aerial support down.

*,**DISCLAIMER...please dont camp using these perks.Thanks

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I would recommend this video to anyone who wants to understand the mechanics of the game better, for newcomers and vets if they do not already know it.

It is a bit technical, but it is informative on how weapon damage is calculated.

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Im loving the xm25 as a secondary. Fast to use, lots of damage and real easy to blow up people hiding behind cars

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Let's talk shotties.

When you fire a shotgun round, it fires x amount of pellets (not sure on the technical term, tbh), damage is calculated by the number of pellets to hit your enemy multiplied by the damage multiplier (which varies from model of gun, area hit and distance) for each pellet. Using extended mags with a shotgun increases the number of pellets by 50%, so each shot can potentially do 150% normal damage. No idea why this is the case, but it is.

Range seems more useful than damage to me, increases the maximum effective range of a shotgun, and increases the distance before damage drop off.

The USAS 12 seems to be glitched for Xbox, giving double sprint distance (and freeing up extreme conditioning from the first perk tier). I'd recommend SoH considering this and its clip size.

Steady aim will tighten up the pellet cluster a bit when hip-firing, which means more pellets hitting and more damage, if you hip-fire a lot.

All I can think of for now.

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CORaven said:
I would recommend this video to anyone who wants to understand the mechanics of the game better, for newcomers and vets if they do not already know it.

It is a bit technical, but it is informative on how weapon damage is calculated.

yes ths vid looks good in theory but what about actually game play

i.e connection and lag etc, so how can you get a hit marker from 10 feet with a sniper?

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Haven't watched the video, but it depends on where you hit them. Snipers have no damage drop off over distance, so the reason you can get a hit marker without killing them from 10 feet is the same reason it can happen from 100 feet. It depends entirely on the location of the hit.

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Primary: Silenced AR/SMG Some pointstreaks are easier to take down than with a launcher. I destroyed an Osprey Gunship with a suppressed P90 after wasting two stinger missiles on it yesterday.
Secondary: Stinger
Blind Eye Pro and Hardline pro
Care pack, predator & heli

It's ridiculous how often you cycle through your point streaks with this set up. Went 42-2 in a game in hard hat. Ok, it's not youtube material but a seriously good score for someone like me. Taking down air support, capping flags, 2 assists count as kills....muuhaha. Everytime you see an enemy strafe run you are almost certain to get your helicopter.

Also works ok in tdm. Was playing with 3 guys from my clan after and they honestly thought someone else had the pad

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baldymac said:
yes ths vid looks good in theory but what about actually game play

i.e connection and lag etc, so how can you get a hit marker from 10 feet with a sniper?

As Jack said, both the range of at which a sniper rifle hits makes no difference, and that it is the location of the hit on the enemies body that influence damage.
There are numerous reasons for getting hit markers, but if you are sure you did not hit an aircraft/sentry or and armoured foe, there are two main reasons.
Using a silencer on a sniper does reduce the damage it deals at all ranges.
Secondly, you may have hit them in the foot. It does not matter what you see on your screen, it matters what the host sees. If your console sends out info that you fire a shot from you coordinate towards another, by the time it gets to the host, you may be not quite on target.

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40 kills on pistols to get Master standard and 10K points, not so easy on core games but play hardcore kill confirmed and you'll easily get them, slow at first but go akimbo when u unlock it and you'll fly through the rest!

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Didn't realise the pistol kills were so low, should be able to get a few of them done in an hour or two!

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have Crap connection well thats an understatement.

Primary : P90 with Red dot sight\extanded mags and rapid fire
Secondary: Stinger

2 attachments

Perk 1: Sleight of Hand/Extreme Conditioning
Perk 2: Assassin
Perk 3: Dead Silence

Killstreaks: 4 care package / 5 pred / 7 chopper

Can get a good deal of kills with this set up

Average 7-10 kills 6-12 deaths. on **** connection
Average 17-20 kills 6-12 deaths on good connection


Thought this was one of the best guides to really play the game(taken off another site)


1. Always have the FMG9 akimbo as your secondary: 8 times out of ten the FMG9's will win the close range engagement. Dropshotting with them makes sure you will almost NEVER lose an close range fight. Also, make sure you have these equipped when clearing out in carbon.

2. If you get shot first, drop immediately: If somebody shoots you first theres a good chance you're goind to see the kill cam. Dropping will throw their aim off for a second so you can get off your shots first.....this is the technique of dropshotting.

3. Hip fire frequently: When your close to somebody make sure you're already firing while you're going to ADS.

4. The Type 95 red dot sight is your friend

5. Equip silencers but don't equip assassin: If you're shooting you do not want to be seen on the radar because you will not be focused, but you should be good enough that if you're just walking around you can be alert enough to successfully engage anybody that finds you.

6. Always have the stalker perk equipped: see tip 12

7. Go to youtube and learn how to dropshot.

8. Do not run much, this leaves you vunerable.

9. ADS around corners instead of rushing around corners.

10. Disable controller vibration: It will help your aim and focus when your getting fired on.

11. The Silenced ACR is your friend.

12. When you aim strafe with the enemy instead of stopping: The enemy will have a harder time aiming at you.

13. As soon as you see an enemy and you know you have a not hesitate in the slightest and just unload. (You can also use this tip when making love with ur gf....oh wait....this is a MW3 board...uhh nvm. lol ^_^)


1. Don't get too serious about this game, you must realize that this is only a game.
Does this game really matter in the real world? Does it really matter if you get killed in the imaginary world of MW3 multiplayer?...I think not.

2. Do not care when somebody kills you: It's only working to make you a better player.

3. MW3 was made for entertainment....and that all it should do for you. Have fun while playing. The only emotion that should be getting usage is your happiness.

4. Do not rage quit.

5. Do not get mad at somebody elses tactics.

Some sneaky tactics, but if you're getting raped feck it.

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I'm still waiting on Mindset hint No.2 to kick in

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