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Starring Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Brendan Gleeson, Vera Faminga so it looks like a decent enough cast.

Washington is one of my favourite all time actors but he's been in a slump of late imo - I like the look of this, and it looks like he may well be back to his best.

Further information on the movie to be found here

Looking forward to it myself, it could turn out to be a clichéd heap of crap but I'm remaining hopeful that Denzel & Reynolds will deliver

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JP Liz V1 Registered User

Kinda reminds me of Assault on Precinct 13 mixed with 16 Blocks anyways worth a look given the cast involved

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boneyarsebogman Registered User

For some reason, Brendan Gleeson's accent somewhat bugged me in that trailer. Apart from that, it looks awesome.


Was interested when I saw my man Denzel in the opening shot

Interest somewhat lessoned when I heard the words "CIA" and "Rouge Operative"

Interest took a further hit when I heard Gleesons dodgy accent

Stopped watching trailer when I saw Ryan Reynolds

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bnt Registered User

This is out today, might be interested in going to see it. Denzel is looking a bit like Morgan Freeman these days, but the trailer makes it look like a film full of psychological main games.

Denzel was interviewed on the Kermode & Mayo show today, I'm listening to the podcast now. I didn't realise it was set in Cape Town - I've been there several times, but the last time was 20 years ago, so I'd be interested in seeing what the place looks like today.

PS: Kermode is saying that he wanted more psychology, but the film had too many action sequences instead.


Saw it tonight - it's only alright to be honest. It's like Man On Fire that wants to be a Bourne instalment, which it doesn't do very well. The fight scenes / shoot-out scenes have far too many camera switches and ridiculously loud sound effects, and it also happens to have the most predictable ending in cinema history. Dragged on a bit too. It's not terrible, it's just not great either.

Skinfull Registered User

Saw it yesterday and it was pretty bland and predictable. Acting, meh. Fight scenes good. Progress, predictable as hell. Ending, completely unoriginal.
At one point I spotted two people using their phones, and I don't mean texting but on facebook! Movie was not holding the room at all.

Jaafa Registered User

Saw it today. If you go in knowing what to expect (i.e.Solid Action ,short on plot,decent characters, decent acting), you'll be happy.

Good quality action film, nothing more nothing less. One of Ryan Reynolds better performances I would say, Denzel makes the film though. Worth seeing IMO.


Best movie about

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Princess Peach Registered User

I saw it a couple of weeks ago and I loved it! It delivers exactly what it is supposed to. I love crime and political thrillers, it was among the best I've seen. Plus I LOVE Denzel! He is great at creating characters. Even when he plays a bad guy he does it with so many dimensions and makes it an interesting character.

Ryan Reynolds seems to be doing less topless scenes in his films these days

CharAdriel Registered User

I totally fell asleep watching this movie, but the parts I saw were good. Don't judge, it was a very long day.

jupiterjack Registered User

saw it earlier and it was dam good..

damselnat Registered User

Skinfull said:

At one point I spotted two people using their phones, and I don't mean texting but on facebook! Movie was not holding the room at all.

Could have been me....was a lot more interesting than the movie....I went with my housemate who really wanted to see it, thought it was the most godawful pile of tripe I've seen in a long time. Was it written by a 12 year old boy?? Plot was dull, predictable and cheesy, seemed to be an awful lot of (pointless and incredibly loud) fight scenes I actually didn't care about the outcome of, and I can't decide which is most painful, sitting through it, parting with good money to see it, or the two hours of my life lost...

ronano Registered User

Other ppl paid to see the film, if you're bored leave? why use a phone and ruin others enjoyment of it?

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