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smcgiff said:
If you don't have a family history of it you might want to got to a doctor.

A trichologist might be a better option, there's a good one in Galway, helped me with a spot of alopecia in the beard line.

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Hiya mate.

Firstly if your hair is thining, do something about it now and dont wait for more to fall out. I've been there, tried everything. left it too late and ended up costing me more

Firstly do not take another step or listen to any other 'know all' who thinks they know the cure. There is only one guy you need to speak or email to. That's Spex [not his real name]

Here is his website:

Don't be put out by his website, he is a genuine guy who has gone through years of magic potions, and dodgy hair transplants. I've met him face to face in the UK in pursuit of the perfect head of hair which I now have. Back then he offered everything fro free which he still does only now he sell an info pack on his site.

I use the meds now as maintaince but I left it too late to act on my thinning and had to go to the US to get a PROPER and cost effective hair transplant.

Do not go on any one's recommendations of cheap transplants in Poland or Ireland or UK.


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My fringe goes around in a M shape around my head should be I worried? Baldness isn't in the family, my Dad isn't bald while my Dad's father wasn't bald and my Mother's father isn't bald. I've seen some people with an M shape hairline but still with hair and they're in their 50s or 60s.

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I was reading that there is a strong link between the onset of puberty and hair loss and that boys who develop very early are far more susceptible to premature hair loss. Does anyone know if this is true?

There was a fella in my school who started to go bald at 17 and by the time he was 25 had lost most of his hair.

Scarlet42 Registered User

that was me .. started losing it about 17 most of it gone by about 25.. before you go paying money for anything just shave it all off and see how you feel about it.

I worried and stressed about it for years ... the last time I went to a Barbers I got him to take it all off .. I was about 22, I will never forget the shock of seeing myself completly bald in his mirror, he even asked me was I ok!!

but since then I have never worried about it and it doesn't bother me one bit!

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Sorry to hijack...

I'm 24 and in the last 3/4 months my hair has seriously thinned! Up until now ive had quite thick hair so its now gotten very noticable to everyone. Shaving it off isn't an option (really doesn't suit me) any non medical / prescription solutions??

Thanks guys


God, yis are all getting very serious around here Getting like a councelling session.
24 myself, have the whole McDonalds M thing going on, and so what? Your really only delaying the process. When i first started i was a bit worried, after a while i didnt give a shit. I wouldnt let it worry ya man

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I officially retired my comb last year when I started shaving my head after a long battle with slow but steady hair loss since the age of 27(I'm 35 now). I should have done it years ago!! - life is so much easier now and I'm no where near as self-concious as I use to be. IMO unless you have hair of the quality of Bobby Ewing et al, your just as well without it and all the faffing about trying to make it look good!!

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shockwave said:
My brother started to go bald around 17 and and he lost it very fast, he just shaved it all off, anything else just looks crap on a young man.

ah go on tell him to grow it back then comb it over

Choudary Banned

Greetings Sirs,

Perhaps these gentleman can make growing the hairs on the rear of the head longer, then brush over on top of the front, as I do. This is very much helping to look like a lot of hair is still on the front, and no bald.

Blessings & Regards,

Choudary Chintapalli

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Onion juice and/or garlic juice rubbed on the scalp very regularly does help with hair-thinning, but you need to be persistent with it and not worry about the strong smell of onions. Look into it. Castor oil is also useful. Some people claim success mixing onion juice with some castor oil and adding cayenne pepper and other such herbs to aid hair growth. Would probably take about 3 months of commitment to see results, added to daily scalp massage, and very important to change what you are eating to avoid acidic foods and start eating alot of alkalising foods instead. Read what you can of it. I also know of another who claims success of reversing complete baldness with his own urine, by both drinking it and rubbing it into the scalp daily!!! Takes commitment to go that far but worth educating yourself on the options. I would have no faith in anything produced by the pharma industry for hairloss. Keep it short is the best advice and don't stress about it.

memphis Registered User

I was 16/17 when I first started to notice my hair thinning. I went through my early teens with a fine mop of hair, used even have the nickname of Beavis when in secondary school. But I didn't care one bit.

I was the youngest in the family. There was a strong history of baldness on both sides of my family for generations. I knew i was gonna go bald. I tried everything from gelling it forward, to trying to grow it longer so i could try gel it together and cover the patches.

All efforts were pointless, i was doing nothing but putting off the inevitable. I knew i was gonna go bald eventually, there was no point combating it.

By the time I was sitting my leaving cert (age 19... I did TY) I had resorted to shaving my head with a blade one all over. I was fulyl bald on top by 21 then.

My advice is just give into it, baldness is not as uncommon as one may think at late teens/early 20s. Shave it all off!! "The Lord made so many perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair".


Anyone here try a course of the Nourkrin medication or any of their other treatments? If so how did ye find them?

Relentleslee Registered User

Hi I'm 18 and am also going very thin..I'm just wondering if my GP would be able to help me out? I have a medical card so would I be able to be prescribed something from him to help me? I wouldn't be able to afford anything if I was buying it normally from somewhere else, I really don't know what to do, if anyone could help I would appreciate it

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Doc Ruby said:
A trichologist might be a better option, there's a good one in Galway, helped me with a spot of alopecia in the beard line.

Hey there,

Can you offer more details about the alopecia in the beard line? Similiar situation myself. What sort of treatment did you have? Did it work?



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