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Seo é mo ceathrú vlog anois.

Ba mhaith liom amháin nó níos mó físeain a dheánamh gach mhí.

i know i make plenty of mistake in these videos so sorry about that. for example, in this i made a rookie error !

i said "ní rinne mé" ! ah !!!!!! haha its NÍ DHEARNA !!!!
thanks for watching guys, and if you have feedback, suggestions etc please hit me.

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Insect Overlord Moderator

Do you ever link to your videos on other websites/forums/Facebook/Twitter?
There are other ways of getting the word out there besides just posting about them here.

Dades Would you like to know more?

andyterryjay, please quit pimping your blog in posts here.

If you want to posts links, I suggest you come to some arrangement with Gael the forum moderator.
In the interim, I suggest you use your sig to link to your blog.

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