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golfball37 said:
A gooner mate of mine reckons the whole Hazard thing has been lost in translation and that he said jokingly he wanted to go to Spurs as the Arsenal thing is a done deal and they are his first choice bar none.

IE -Hazard was being sarcastic about Tottenham as he's an Arsenal man through and through.

He also said that Hazard and Vermalen are cousins and there's no doubt he's coming to the Emeroids.

To be honest I don't really care at this point. There's still a chance we may not make the CL, which would mean he definitely wouldn't come. There's also an even bigger chance Arsenal may not make it, and the same thing would apply there. Let's worry about who's going to sign in the summer in the summer, once this season is over and we've hopefully secured at least 3rd spot.

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