All in the one article about begging. http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/frontpage/2011/1031/1224306807572.html

Insp Patrick McMenamin of Pearse Street Garda station told councillors on the Dublin Regional Authority last month that 540 beggars have been arrested and 110 cases have been processed by the District Court since February.

Almost two-thirds of arrested beggars are “foreign nationals”, mostly Roma Gypsies, for whom begging was part of their culture and seen as a legitimate way of making a living, Insp McMenamin said.

“For us to try to change that culture here would be like trying to change people in Dublin from drinking Guinness; it’s their culture and they do not see anything wrong with it.”

A large proportion of this money was confiscated following raids on a bus which leaves Dublin each Saturday for Romania.

During one raid in July, the bus was stopped in Dublin Port and a “barefoot beggar” who operates on Grafton Street in Dublin city centre and who is known to gardaí was found to be carrying €1,800 in €50 notes.

“While he may look pretty sad on Grafton Street, I can assure you that he is manipulating people who are giving him the money.”

People who were genuinely moved by the man’s plight had been known to buy footwear for him in sports shops on Grafton Street, Insp McMenamin said.

“It’s known to ourselves that people will go in and buy him runners.

“He has more runners I think than the Foot Locker at this stage.”

Is this a Garda with a sense of humour?

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ah the barefoot beggar hes a class act


Each Roma caught begging should be turfed out of the country and never let back in.

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MrJoeSoap Registered User

I'm offended by the Guinness comments, how dare he...

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ejmaztec Registered User

woodoo said:
Anyone caught begging should be turfed out of the country and never let back in.

Fixed for the PC brigade.


Must be a Corkman, Murphys only

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People need to stop giving beggars money.

Problem solved.

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RachaelVO Registered User

Maybe we should all try the same trick, see if we get a few decent pairs of runners...

Has to be said though, if we were in a country and broke the law we'd get a nice prison sentence, and a cell with a b1tch/bubba who took us under his/her wing for a few favours, or turfed outta the country.

Pity we can't do the same, by sending people who break the law back to where they came from, has to save us money!

the groutch Registered User

it's all the EU's fault with all their human rights laws.

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galwayrush Registered User

Some Roma's living in my area were found with stolen articles from a local graveyard at the house, guess dole and begging wasn't good enough for them.

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woodoo said:
Each Roma caught begging should be turfed out of the country and never let back in.

Unfortunately there is no way to stop people coming into the country. The border is wide open. Send the shoeless beggar home, and he will be back in a week or two be it via bus, plane or train.

phasers Registered User

who's giving beggars €50 notes?

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John Doe1 Registered User

Anyone for a good old fashioned lynching


This is the reason I do not give money to beggars, fcuk the lot of them out of the country.
Fair play to the Inspector, like his comment.

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