I apologize for what no doubt will be a novel, but I am absolutely terrified of mice, and I'm wondering how on earth can I even just become a little leas frightened of them.

I'm so scared of them Ive developed almost like a 6th sense for them - I can sense when they're present. I'm ALWAYS the first person to notice "hey, there's a mouse" or always the first to actually see one.

Even when there isn't one present, I'm actively aware that one might appear at anytime, and take the nessessary precautions to avoid a situation whereby I might see one. Walking down a narrow road with ditches either side of me, I'll make sure to walk in the centre of the road as they're most likely going to be lurking in the ditch.

I can't look at them on TV, I can't look at them on the Internet, on paper, I can't even bear to look at animated versions of them. It just creeps me out.

I seen one this morning -- which is why Im writing this thread, and I lost my sh1t completely. I freaked out. When I purchased 5 mousetraps, I couldn't bear to pick them off the shelf (despite them being brand new in a box) and carry them to the till. My friend was working there this morning luckily enough and he carried them and put them in a bag for me, and my skin was crawling at even having to carry the bag the traps were in.

I can feel phantom mice crawling on me, the least little sound is making me on edge and I keep seeing the disgusting little beast everytime I think about it.

It's completely irrational and I need it to stop. I'm frightened of plenty other things, like spiders, but it's not the same kind of frightened. I see a spider, I calmly ask my dad/brother/boyfriend to get rid of it, but if I see a mouse, I lbecome so frightened I can't even get words out, literally.

If they cross the road in front of me while driving Ill swerve the car rather than drive across it because I couldn't bear having bits of it underneath me. Just writing this is giving me shivers.

How do I make it stop

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May I ask, so that others might advise better, if you have tried any forms of treatment to deal with your phobia? (i.e. have you tried any hypnotherapy etc.)


No - I've tried "getting over it". Years ago, my friend had a pet white rat and I let him put it on my shoulder, although I had my eyes closed, and it didn't end well.

I've tried watching ratouille that animated movie to get over my fear of non real rodents -- and I couldn't do it.

My housemate had hamsters and I couldn't even deal with knowing I was sharing space with them.

The entire thought of putting myself in a situation that would involve touching/seeing a mouse fills me with dread. It hasn't worked in the past.

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With some people, forcing it on yourself doesn't always work.
Personally wouldn't work with me (i.e. have been thrown into the sea, made my fear of drowning worse!). But seeking somewhat professional help might be an idea, I'm afraid I don't have any experience with hypnotherapy or other similar treatments but hopefully someone else in here will. Have you ever spoken to your GP about it?


Never spoke my doctor I'm so embarrased about it but it's an idea

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I can understand that, but never be embarrassed, it's a fear for you so it's real.
Any GP or doctor that would make you feel embarrassed or laugh wouldn't be getting a return visit from me ever.


I am the exact same as you storminateacup. The bit about not being able to look at animated mice/rats is the same for me too. I don't know how I would cope if I saw one up close though (I've managed to escape seeing one for years, even when living on a farm ), I seriously think I would pass out with fright. I'm even freaking out now that writing that I haven't saw one will jinx it and there'll be one downstairs or something

But anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that you're not the only one.

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I swear to god it's like i have a 6th sence for them. Last night - I found the offending mouse, dead.

I ran inside, jumped up on the chair and onto the worktop. Couldn't even speak, just stomping my feet.

All night I kept waking up because I thought i could feel it crawling on me.

It's always me that finds them, if there's a mouse I'll see it first and I'll
find it first when it dies. I just don't understand it.

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Wow, i thought i had a bad fear of mice

Animated mice or rats have no effect on me at all, but i don't like looking at them on Im a celeb etc. I'll do it but i will be cringing. Walking along the road doesn't bother me at all, unless i hear a rustle in the ditch but i always think it is rats more than mice.

I've lived in houses that have been riddled with them though and it was hell. I KNOW they are tiny and harmless and 100 times more scared of me but i still can't bear the thought of them. I literally cannot sleep. I will go hungry rather than go into the kitchen and have one pop out at me! We have had a couple this week and talk about being miserable

I would say definitely get some help, if it is effecting you when you are out and about then it's going a bit too far. I do know what you mean about SENSING them, and i'm always the first to see them too. Have been told i am being paranoid and stupid until someone else in the house sees it


My auntie was terrified of rodents and got a cat to deal with the issue - and that back-fired because the cat kept bringing dead/half dead rodents to the house.

Anyway, she went for hypnotherapy and altho she still can't stand them, she can get close enough to quickly scoop them outside with a long snow shovel which is a definite improvement. So it might be worth looking into that? Given you have such a strong phobia, you might be better off having a chat with your GP and seeing if they recommend a particular treatment though.

All the best you.

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I think Mice are actually really cute...


jcf, this is the phobias forum where people post to get advice and empathy about THEIR phobias.

If you wish to announce whatever you don't have a phobia about - please do so in another forum and if you have nothing constructive to add to a thread here, kindly refrain from posting.

Please acquaint yourself with the forum charter HERE before posting in this forum again.

Many thanks.

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