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Im heading to Thiland in 3 weeks & Im very weary at he moment about the flooding situation, My plan is now to do my best to fly directly out of Bangkok as soon as I get there, hopeully up to chiang mai or down toward the south of the country. It is meant to be a nightmare to get around Bangkok at present with all the exodus of locals and all.
From travel advice on Uk Gov websites etc, I have drawn up a map of the regions most affected from the flooding (attached), This might help anyone else heading there over the next few weeks.

I am praying the water will in some way start to recede before I go over, although I dont fancy being there for the clean up also !

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cheers for that dutch1, very helpful. i'm in a similar situation. i think i might try and fly to phuket instead.

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Ye, Il be prob heading to Chiang mai up north or even to Phuket depending on whats available, domestic flights are meant to be choc-o-blok lately cos of the situation.
F**k it sure its all an adventure !

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