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Photo-Sniper said:
Can someone recommend a starter package for someone who is moving to electronic cigarettes off of E-Cig? The Flavors etc because I dont know where to start.

*Edit - scratch that I have created a separate thread for general discussion on vendors and so on here. I trimmed the links thread down to just links and recommendations etc.

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wingback05 said:
chinese v's european

I take your point and as I am new to this i will learn as i go along. It is a personal decision to go for juice made in UK and the stuff I got I am very happy with. will i try the chinese juice ? Yes probably. I just have a comfort factor using juice manufactured in the west and the amount of money I am saving being off the cigs easily makes up for the extra i pay for my juice.

The irony here is that the Chinese guys have this thing down to a tee. I've seen pictures of their factories and they are state of the art. It's a pity really to see vendors charging premium prices to supply something based on people's xenophobia.


To say they are all the exact same isn't accurate, as each company will use different flavours and that's what will ultimately decide how the product tastes (some flavourings will be of higher quality than others, i.e closer to the real thing), otherwise the chemicals used are the same (PG/VG).

At the end of the day, you generally get what you pay for, disregarding price differences for all EU/US juices for a moment...

Both of these are made by Dekang, however I'm assuming the more expensive one (joyetech) is using better quality flavours, some of the price difference is most likely due to better quality flavours, and the rest is for the bells and whistles (fancy packaging)

The same applies for the HG liquids on Heaven Gifts, you get 10ml for the price of 30ml of standard Dekang, I've personally tried these and their flavours were much closer to the real thing and far superior to any other standard Dekang brand I've tried.

Double edit!

I'm not saying that EU/US manufactured juices can reasonably justify their RRP, but it's worth noting, there's a considerable price difference between certain juices in China also, I can't conclusively tell you why tbh, but from my experience they've tasted much better, each and every continent can produce quality e-liquid, but what they retail for, all depends on local production costs.

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@ Townie1 - nice site , lousy prices :-(

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I have updated the vendors sticky. While I welcome a direct line to owners/suppliers it's not my decision to make. All owners should email and arrange to become part of the program.

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Hi Can someone give me a link to the suppliers sticky

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Here you go:
Where to buy & other links

A sticky will always be at the top of the first page of threads in a forum.

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My first e-cig was a Screwdriver Mk11 which I loved, but then I switched to the Tornado Tank(same as ego tank) and I loved it so much the SD Mk11 was left in it's box for considerable lengths of time.
But I recently purchased a conversion kit (which allows me to attach tank attomizers to SD) for the Screwdriver which turned my Screwdriver into a tank, I would really recommend it to anyone, the battery life is fantastic and it's definitely the way to go if you are on a night out.

The silicon caps for the cartridges is a must also.

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Thumbs up to Declan at - very helpful by email, and quick shipping on the stuff I ordered from him.

I just lost yet another battery and broke two chargers, so decided to splash out on a new kit. I got his Ego DCC starter kit for 49.50 delivered. It consists of:

2 - 3.7V (900mah) rechargeable batteries
1 - atomizer cones
1 - USB wall adapter (with Irish /UK Plug / Adapter)
1 - USB eGo battery charger
1 - pouch
1 - Instruction manual
1 - Derlin Drip Tip
1 - 10ml Dekang Marlboro eLiquid
5 - Dual Coil Cartomizers (1 pack of 5)


are they normal dcc's or are they the clears pictured?
i've held off on reccomending that kit to people because of the clears..

Eoin Registered User

They're the ones pictured.

I didn't give them a great review earlier, but have gotten a bit more used to them. Like the Boge ones, you just can't put as much juice in them. The vapour production off them is nice, but a bit cooler than you'd be used to with the regular DCCs. It's not leaking now I've gotten used to just filling it up more often with less.

Still definitely going back to the stainless ones once TBS has them back in stock though. The Boge ones gave off a really burnt taste quite quickly.


yeah i did notice the dcc's held theirjuice a little longer than the boges, but I preferred the flavour of the boges enough that refilling a bit more often wasn't a deal breaker


got one of the biansi high voltage atomisers from irishvapers today

i remember someone on the forum said they got one a while ago but can't find the post to quote it, anyway im impressed
it holds quite a few drops and changes flavours well. I vaped some of my diy coconut until slight burnt taste (diy coconut btw is not reccomended) and after that i dripped 7 drops of my new irishvapers cullan juice.. no leaking
7 drops!

draw is a little tighter than I prefer, but i find that tends to be the way with dripping atomisers. decent atties at any rate, and i think 4 euro a pop atm


hah, maybe i was wrong. not even a days use and already its giving me weird performance. flavour is very muted, and i only get 2-3 drags before a burnt taste comes in.

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I see some of the chemists are stocking Greensmoke kits. Thought they weren't supposed to stock them anymore?

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Greensmoke are in the shop down our side. Was having a chat with our local chemist some months ago, and he had never even heard about e cigs.

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