What are the best shops in Dublin to buy Irish archaeology books in?

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To the best of my knowledge Hodges Figgis on Dawson St and the National Museum Shop are about the only places that stock any sort of decent range. The Government Publications Office on Molesworth St has the county inventories etc and the Royal Irish Academy sell their titles, although they may only do online sales now. Was in Easons recently and they had nothing. I would be very happy to hear of anywhere else with a good selection!

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Thanks Mocmo,

I usually end up going to those ones (they're all close together and I'm a lazy git).

I was kind of thinking of somewhere that you might pick up out of print stuff, an antiquarian bookshop.

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Then you'd want to try Cathach Books on Duke St which is an antiquarian book shop and does stock archaeology / historical volumes, probably not cheap mind! Also the bookshop in the Georges St Arcade usually has a few archaeology titles, did last time I was in anyway. Quirky places like the book shop in Blackrock Market might be worth a look but you wouldn't be guaranteed to find anything. After that I'm not sure, I've never gone to a book fair but a colleague regularly picks up archaeology books at them.

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Carraig Books in Blackrock also has an interesting collection on archaeology/history: http://www.carraigbooks.com/

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Gee Bag said:
What are the best shops in Dublin to buy Irish archaeology books in?

New or used?

For new,

For used (though not in Dublin)

If you can stand reading online

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