'Mistakes were made'.

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Enda seems to be saying the same 10 sentences over and over

first to exit the trokia program
restore our reputation
best small country in the world to do business
grow our exports

and others
every speech and interview is the same set of soundbytes


Going Forward said:
Smokes and Daggers

Who said this? I'm guessing Bertie? I googled it and his name came up, but I couldn't find the name linked to the quote. I did find a Bertie wiki of quotes though; some of these are doozies:

"I am sure there are some mornings you get up and you think I might do this or I might do that and then you don't do them so, its hard to remember."

Come on, that sounds like something Winnie the Pooh would say.

"It is not correct, and if I said so, I was not correct — I cannot recall if I said it, but I did not say, or if I did, I did not mean to say it"

Lionel Hutz.

"That decision will in history be written as the biggest mistake that American administration ever made, because Lehmans was a world investment bank. They had testicles everywhere."

George W. Bush

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"I actually cry every time I see the power of the phenomenon of Riverdance - ancient dance translated into a phenomenal and powerful message.."

Enda showing his emotional side.

(Riverdance has also reduced me to tears.)

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Adds value to the process!!

Yeah they did that alright........gave a lot of stuff a value it didn't warrant

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"Difficult choices are never easy"

Enda Kenny.

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RandomName2 Registered User

hair-cut (... involving no hair)

heart of Europe

We are one of the last countries in Europe to...

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Executive Steve Registered User

"I do not accept that"

"They haven't gone away you know..."

"The Celtic Snail"

"I wish we had people who, instead of conspiring against the party, did some perspiring for the party," - Gay Mitchell

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krd Banned


Grotesque, unusual, bizarre and unprecedented.

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Phil Hogan's response, in 2009, to a request that he "put on the national jersey" and take a voluntary pay cut:

"No. My personal circumstances don't allow that at the moment."

Hotblack Desiato Registered User

krd said:

Grotesque, unusual unbelieveable, bizarre and unprecedented.



Staying current, lets not forget this:

“There is no reason why anyone should go to prison . . . I do not envisage anybody going to jail for a €100 household charge.” -Phil Hogan.


"I see meters as the friend of the householder and friend of business as they'll prevent people from paying for water that's wasted"

-Michael Noonan speaking about water meters.


"We have a job of work to do" -A rather odd phrase often used by Eamon Gilmore.

Seems to be a Labour phrase:

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