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massdebater Registered User

s.welstead said:
United Supporter

While everything is going great for City at present I don't see them qualifying out of their Champions League group. I think they'll have further problems from Balotelli down the line also.
They'll have a blip in the league at some point and it will be interesting to see their reaction.

Overall I felt United would do enough to be above City this season at the start of the campaign and one result does not change my mind.

Surely that'll be a help to City, no?

Delighted to see a new team finally pushing the more established teams. They've brought a lot of enjoyment back into the EPL. Imagine how boring this season would be if City were still a mid-table team.

SlickRic Moderator

City have to prove they can beat teams consistently over the course of the season.

there is nobody better than Utd at doing that, especially come January.

also City have tough games coming up which they have to get through.

writing off Utd is something i stopped doing about 5 years ago, because it just leaves you with egg on your face.

Utd don't have to be able to beat City to win the League, they just have to beat everyone else more than City beat everyone else.

people often miss that aspect of winning a League campaign.

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jester77 Registered User

Utd are always awesome on the run in, I think they will still take it. It will be interesting to see how City react when they hit a poor run of form, and I can see them dropping points in December.

murpho999 Registered User

I took my time with this and eventually went with City.

I think it will be close at the end and we have to see how City handle being front runners over a season.

Utd will recover from the defeat but there just did seem to be something monumental about yesterday's result that signified a transfer of power and I'm not sure if the Utd squad can stop it.

MagicMarker Banned

I have to go with UTD, they have the experience and have done it time and time again.

City will bottle it.

stesaurus Registered User

massdebater said:
Surely that'll be a help to City, no?

I don't think so. They need to at least make the knockout stages. Besides it will mean they drop into the Europa which is more awkward with fixtures being on a Thursday.
Anything less than the knockout stages and it will put pressure on Mancini and cause problems in the squad.

Mr Alan Registered User

SlickRic said:
Utd don't have to be able to beat City to win the League, they just have to beat everyone else more than City beat everyone else.

people often miss that aspect of winning a League campaign.


This is what Liverpool were unable to do a few seasons ago when they were in for the title. However, in saying that, more often than not that aspect comes with squad depth, where City are scarily strong.

It's pretty neck & neck for me to be honest. City have the better team & squad. United have been there, done that though & pretty much own the t-shirt. Interesting times.

PARlance Registered User

I'm just glad there isn't a "City-I'm a United Fan" option

Still coming to terms with yesterday but only positive I have from it is that our results against the top 3/4 haven't been great in the last few years and we've still managed to do it.

However, Citeh offer the strongest opposition in a long while and I have a feeling that we can't slip up against the big four top few teams this time around.

If we're within 5-8 points of them come crimbo, I'd take that, I know there are plenty of winners in the citeh squad but they haven't won (the league) as a team yet and that will have an influence.
I'll also live in the hope that it's a squad with quite a few volatile players, when the pressure gets heaped on them, I'm hoping some cracks begin to appear.

PHB Registered User

I don't know yet myself. I'm intrigued to see how City overall. Their run of fixtures is nice up to November, but then it gets very tough very fast.

If City are still in front by the time of the January break, I'd be pretty sure they'll win the league. However, I think United are going to go on a big run soon. After Everton away this weekend, it goes: Sunderland - H; Swansea - A; Newcastle - H; Villa - A; Wolves - H; QPR - A; Fulham - A; Wigan - H; Blackburn - H; Newcastle - A.

That my friends is what you call ten incredibly winnable games. It would not surprise me if the current team could pick up 27 out of 30 points in those games. Have a look at City's games below, do you think they'll drop more than 8? Because if they do, it'll be neck and neck going into January.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011
Napoli v Man City, GpA, 19:45

Sunday, 27 November 2011
Liverpool v Man City, 16:00

Saturday, 3 December 2011
Man City v Norwich, 15:00

Wednesday, 7 December 2011
Man City v Bayern Munich, GpA, 19:45

Monday, 12 December 2011
Chelsea v Man City, 20:00

Sunday, 18 December 2011
Man City v Arsenal, 16:10

Wednesday, 21 December 2011
Man City v Stoke, 19:45

Monday, 26 December 2011
West Brom v Man City, 15:00

Sunday, 1 January 2012
Sunderland v Man City, 15:00

Tuesday, 3 January 2012
Man City v Liverpool, 20:00

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me-skywalker Registered User

I think the schedule for United has been more testing early on, they've had to put more into their games so far and had the mental tests already. The November Int breaking could be a blessing to United. December is pivotal.

Man Utd December - Villa, Wolves, QPR, Fulham, Wigan, Blackburn
Man City December - Chelsea, Arsenal, Stoke, WBA, Sunderland, Liverpool

If United are within 3 points in December Ill stick with United as Im expecting us to be getting at least 16pts(5wins 1 draw) from them 6 games and City getting approx 13pts(3wins 1 draw).

Nalz Registered User

If city fail to qualify to knockout rounds of CL id put them as favs...

Heart says champs will be united, head says 2nd place and CL quarters for the reds this season

aidan24326 Registered User

City are playing good stuff right now but let's see if they can keep that up over a whole season. The jury is still out on that one. United have been there and done it and their consistency and experience will come into play as the season wears on. So for me United would still be the safer bet.

curry-muff Registered User

I think people are reading too much into one freak result, City do have a stronger squad than us, but I think the United mentality/experience/Fergie Factor will prove too strong again.

United definitely do have a bit of work now to pick themselves up after yesterdays result. 6-1 was mad, and to be fair it was only 3-1 until the 90th minute and the whole team just switched off.

We've bounced back from such results before:

Tottenham Hotspurs 4-1 Manchester United 1995/96 (won the league)
Southampton 6-3 Manchester United 1996/97 (won the league)
Newcastle United 5-0 Manchester United 1996/97 (won the league)
Chelsea 5-0 Manchester United 1999/00 (won the league)
Manchester United 1-4 Liverpool 2008/09 (won the league)
Manchester United 1-6 Manchester City 2011/12 (will win the league )

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aidan24326 Registered User

curry-muff said:
I think people are reading too much into one freak result

That's all it was, a freak. United and City could play again a hundred times and you'd never get anything like that sort of scoreline. City can enjoy this one for now but the league was never won in October and they'll be well aware of that.

thegreengoblin Registered User

I posted this elsewhere but let's remember the score was 3-1 with two minutes of normal time left. Had Smalling scored that header on 86 minutes, well, who knows, aunty, balls, etc.....

The reason I mention this is that it wasn't the merciless hiding in football terms that many will think it is so if I was a City fan I wouldn't be getting too carried away although I would definitely be hugely optimistic as they are clearly a force to be reckoned with now.

But as a United fan I would be concerned simply because of one word: midfield. United's midfield is not up to scratch and they've been getting away with it for the last few years. Any great team worth its salt has one blue-chip, marquee player in midfield and United don't. Signing Wesley Sneijder last summer would have remedied that situation. His ability to retain the ball would ease the pressure on the defence and his eye for goal would add an extra dimension to the attack.

They have to get him in January if they are to challenge for major honours this season. If they don't I think City will win the Premier League.

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