TheDoc Registered User

Been living on this since it was released. I've gone as far as dedicating a monitor strictly for this in my room

If your oblovious to it is a breakaway from JustinTV ( although still owned by them) solely on gaming. The pros all post their streams here etec etc/

I was just wondering does anyone else here stream? Its completely free to do and if your a Masters player like some of the guys around here, there is probably actual revenue available depending on your viewcount

I'm at (my stream doesnt generate revenue, I didnt apply for it) and typically stream Wow, League of legends and SC2

Plan to stream alot more SC2 from this week on as I'm going to try take season 4 a little more serious.

Post up if you run a stream, be itneresting to watch the irish guys play

Also be an idea for your weekly cups and things you do, to have a dedicated channel to steam games from an obs point of view

I miss most of the Tuesday stuff due to raids but would love to watch

Sabre0001 Registered User

What's your stream set up and internet connection like? Would like to stream, but I'd say my neighborhood would grind to a halt!

IRL_Sinister Registered User

I stream, yes.

I also stream tournaments, regularly. I'll be providing more details on this over the next couple of weeks on boards because it's still a work in progress as I consider it.

At TheDoc, what software are you using to stream other than using to host it? I am/was using Dynno Broadcasting and I like it, a lot. But, afair, it's only a trial or something. Haven't streamed in a few days as I've been very busy over the weekend.

Like I said, I'll be giving more info on my stream over the coming days.

PurpleFistMixer Registered User

I try to stream whenever I play, but that's not terribly often (final year woo), also I'm bad and tend to play team games only (1v1 is too scary). What's not to love?!
link link:

NeoSlicerZ Registered User

I stream a bit but my micro suffers from some frame lag so I don't do it as much, especially since I don't play much these days.

D0Gma Registered User

Yes I can watch myself out PvP Doc! <3<3<3

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Thornography Registered User

I streamed a good bit ages ago when I was learning the game, But found the dyno software, however easy to use, suffered from a serious case of the "Bad quality" no matter how I configured it.

I am considering, if college falls apart for me this year (Due to various reasons) Streaming my quest to Diamond / masters from Gold for a year. But I`ll see.

D0Gma Registered User

What ever happened to Xfire is that gone to the **** now or what's the story?

Decerto Registered User

Was thinking of starting streaming, my net should easily be up to it with upc 50meg but not sure if my laptop could handle it, how hardware heavy is streaming?

IRL_Sinister Registered User

Decerto said:
Was thinking of starting streaming, my net should easily be up to it with upc 50meg but not sure if my laptop could handle it, how hardware heavy is streaming?

It's pretty intensive but it also heavily relies on your internet and graphics card.

D0Gma Registered User

This is my connection & setup and I've had no problems and still able to keep 40 fps on ultra settings & high quality 7.1 Sound.

30Meg UPC.
i7-740Q 740 1.73ghz
Radeon HD5870 1gb ddr5
RAM: DDR3 6gb
and my Harddrive is set to RAID 0.

this is all on a laptop btw so can't really OC it before it would melt even with the extra fans ^^

TheDoc Registered User

I run SC2 on low settings anyway, but it doesnt interfere with my gaming.

The main thing is decent PC specs and ahving good itnernet upload.

I've got 4mb upload speed so I run a 720p stream. I think the name of my broadcasting software is x-split broadcaster, I think

I'm testing out some new resolutions and stuff will probably stream a few gmaes today

PurpleFistMixer Registered User

I use Xsplit as well... I was using Dyyno or whatever it's called, but Xsplit lets you have inset windows pretty easily so I switched. Also I get about 13mbs upload (through a tunnel) so, as happened before, if anyone wants me to obs a game (can't guarantee intelligent commentary so I'm not offering that) let me know.

Sabre0001 Registered User

Geez, I get 1mb upload if I'm lucky

D0Gma Registered User

I used to stream for years on wow etc aswell, it's not as intense on your connection as you'd think. If your playing sc2 on low settings like there's so little data in comparison to most games since most of the shader effects etc are filtered. But drop us a link Doc when ya get it running

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