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As many of you know, UPC and Cisco recently pushed an update to their home routers that disabled bridging functionality i.e. the ability for me to use my own router to perform NAT, DHCP, etc etc. I use my own router (Airport Extreme Dual band) as the UPC router is not up to scratch when it comes to services like remote access.

I have called UPC and they apologised for the loss of functionality and say they have no plans for a further update to return bridging. They pointed me here, to boards, for a "work-a-round". They also gave me a 1550 number to call should i need further assistance, so b&^%$cks to that.

I found this description of the alternative to bridging, that apparently gives you the same result but I don't understand what it is I need to do as it's too technical for me –

From User 'Watty'

"If you can't bridge, then set your separate router to a different subnet, i.e. for everything on LAN.

Then give your router WAN port a static IP in the LAN range of the Cisco Router/Cable Modem and only plug the WAN port into Cisco.
Disable WiFi on the Cisco. Then on the Cisco make the IP of your standalone WiFi/Router a DMZ. Then all ports are forwarded both ways, it's almost like Bridge Mode. To the 3rd party standalone WiFi/Router it will look like the Cisco is in Bridge mode but as if your public IP is the LAN IP on the Cisco set up for DMZ.

The actual Public IP is of course whatever it is."

Double-dutch to me.

Could someone help me with a short step by step?

Thanks in advance, Rodí


That is a step by step guide, it tells you exactly what you need to do.

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