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Hi there.

Looking to get some names or places,of vocal coaches or people who offer singing lessons for my girlfriend. In the city but suburbs would be fine.

Preferably it would be for one on one sessions. She can sing(sings in a band).
Anyone have any suggestions?


Lady Chuckles Lunatic-in-Chief

The further away from big cities you are the harder it is to find one, I know from experience

Try this website:

or this one (she's listed at the first website):

Another idea is that you contact music teachers in general, there must be some sort of music school around there, right? (at least for kids) Call them or e-mail them and ask if they know anyone who could give her singing lessons. That's also an alternative

Apart from that: Google is your friend

I hope it works out for you

beebop2 Registered User

hi all im also looking for lessons is limerick region preferably not the city any other suggestions

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