ronan keane Registered User

Okay Guys I Recently Received A Sample Of Gunfire Rocket 0.20 Gram 5.95mm High-Precision BB's From SEairsoft
On Opening The Packet You Can Tell These Are High Quality BB's.
I Though "Okay So" And Loaded Up a Magazine,My First Impressions On Firing Were Wow These BB's perform To Highest Standards.
I Loaded the mag with Excels and another with the rockets and another with king-arms
And On Shooting I Have To Say They Work Better Then King Arms And about the same
with Excels At Half The Price!!
Would Recommend to Anyone And Everyone!!

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stigmau5 Registered User

ran them in my m249 the hole pack worked great no feeding issues or jamming

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Typhon Registered User

can only agree! Got the same free pack ( cheers again guys ) and they were very very good. Come payday an order shall be made hehe

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toshiba2010 Banned

have to agree got a free pack myself and they are awsome .

Darth Phoenix Registered User

Happily agree with this. I tried some of these bb's from the free sample bag and chucked them in a mid cap and into a m4 pistol thast being short stroked with a 6.01 barrell. Went full auto crazy with them, They fed flawlessly.

I'm delighted with them....bulk order is in order me thinks....

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Beez Registered User

Sorry to drag up an old thread but has anyone tried the 0.25g Bio's of these?

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