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Hi lads & lassies,

I seem to remember a discussion about a novice shoot in midlands to tutor/teach novices and give them a chance to try 600/800 and 1K.

Is there any word or anything in the pipe line???



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37 views and nothing...

well then is there anyone out there that would be interested in trying their hand at these ranges???


I would be interested!

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I suppose if we got 8-10 people we could arrange something with the range...

So that's 2...


Would we be using our own rifles or someone else's. I would be interested in giving it a go, but I can't see my 223 reaching out that far

Cass Moderator

There is a full days shooting being planned. The only issue to be ironed out is the date as there are alot of shoots planned, but rest assured that there is a day organised.

It'll include;

  • One to one tuition
  • Zeroing ay 100 yards
  • 25 yd zeroing for the distances
  • Wind calling
  • Scope adjustments
I'll know more after the weekend, and i'll post the details when i get them.

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Good man Ezridax,

what would be needed??

I presume :

  • A rifle of suitable caliber
  • decent scope with enough zoom
  • bipod or rest
  • some form of shooting mat
  • Plenty of ammo
  • hearing protection
  • note pad and pen for notes
  • spotting scope???

anything else???

would it be for members only or can you turn up and pay ??


Cass Moderator

As said the details are not finalised and subject to change but a very rough idea of the day and equipement would be;

  • Short introductory on the basics of range protocol, and general safety. Most lads know how to conduct themselves, and have a good sense of safety however ranges have to be so cautious as you have multiple shooters in a small enough space (firing points). You will be told when and how to move firearms, when to take them out of cases, when you load, make ready, etc. (Simple clue here is the RO is GOD. Do nothing until he says so).
  • Shooters will be broken down into their respective groups. So all lads with .308s will be paired up with an FTR squad member. All others lads will be paired up with an F-Open squad member. The lads will stay with you for the duration of the day helping you in every aspect of your shooting.
  • You will fire on the 100 yards range to confirm your zero is correct. Your turrets (if possible will be zeroed).
  • You will move down to the 25 yard zero range. Here each individual will recieve the guidance they need from a squad member as to how to adjust their scope for the different distances. The squad members can also learn if your rifle is set up to cover the distances we intend to shoot. So if you have a Tikka in .243 and it can only hit the marker for 600 yards then you will fire to 600 yards.
  • Factory ammo that is known to the squad members will be fine, but any other ammo will be chrono'd so we have an exact number for velocity and can better call the adjustments needed.
  • Once all the zeroing is done we pack up and head out to the range. t will start at 600 for everyone. This will give everyone a feel for long distance shooting. Each shooter, as said, will have a squad member with them. The squad member will help the shooter understand wind, allowing for changes, adjusting their scope, waiting for th right conditions, spotting their shots, and keeping track of their scoring.
  • There will be a break for lunch.
  • At the resumption those whose rifles are capable of reaching further will be given the opportunity to go to the 800 yard firing point. Here the process will be repeated. Anyone whose rifle is not set up to reach the 800 yard mark is of course free to watch or volunteer to go to the butts. An experience in itself.
  • At the end of the shooting day, all rifles will be brought down to the 25 yard zero range and brought back down to 100 yards. This is a safety issue and you will not be allowed to leave the range until your zero card has been checked and signed by the RO both before and after shooting.
Thats a rough idea. As said some things may change others will remain the same. There are some items you will need and others are optional. You have covered most, but i'll list them off again to make sure;
  • Rifle - Any caliber
  • Scope - Sjould be at least 16 power, but not vital. However anything under 10 power will cause problems.
  • 20 MOA base - Agin not vital so no need to go out and buy one. However if you have one and have not fitted it now would be the time. If you have oone ftted better again. This will help you to reach past 600 yards.
  • Bipod / Front rest
  • Rear bag
  • Lying down mat
  • Approx. 50 rounds of ammo, but if you have more or wish to bring more it wouldn't hurt
  • Spotting scope
  • Ear defenders. Not plugs.
  • Towel/cover incase of bad weather.
  • Gun case - Very important. No guns on the range unless cased.
  • You can bring a notepad, but its not vital if you forget. Notes will be made for you.
  • Some basic tools for basic maintenance of your rifle and scope.
  • Cleaning rod/gear - Incase its needed.
  • Lunch - .
This will be intended as an Open shoot for teaching people interested in F-Class shooting so all should be welcome. again i'll have to confirm this on the weekend, but i'd say it will be. Its important that everyone bring their own rifle, license, and insurance. Some equipment may be available if people are stuck, but DO NOT rely on this. Its always better to come prepared. Be a shame to have to sit out the day because you forgot something and there wasn't one to loan to a person.

On that note lads, anyone interested in attending should either thank this post or send a PM. Squad members will have to be notified and i want to make sure we have enough squad members for shooters, and vice versa. If places fill up quick i'll post and make arrangements. I'll make sure everyone is accomodated and no-one left out. I'll throw up a reminder post the closer we get with a final "checklist", but for now whats up is a good base to work from.


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Great post Ez I'm there for sure ...


I'm definitely there!

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Would love to sometime fire at 1km just to say I've fired a few shots out that distance. Unfortunately not going to happen when all I've got is a rimfire! (And too broke to splurge any cash on something bigger short term)

Someone at the range months ago (Maybe even over a year ago)mentioned there was talks about maybe getting a Club Gun where existing members
might be allowed use it under supervision to be introduced and try the likes of F-class.

Anyone know if that may have been just a rumor or if there was plans to do something like this?


Cass Moderator

I couldn't tell you bullets.

For the moment its each shooter with their own rifle.

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Would def be interested.

roosman Registered User

Count me in, this sounds absolutely brill. If Carlsberg made range days ...PM sent

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Great idea Ez!

BTW Is there a "minimum" calibre the lads and ladies should consider bringing along?

Obviously for anyone trying out the FTR side of things, the ol' trusty .308Win would be best - but if they don't have a .308, what would be best? In other words, if a lad has a .223 AND a .243 which should they bring along? Am I making any sense here?

Also, is there any calibre below which shooting at 600yards should not be attempted - at least, not if you want to hit ANYWHERE NEAR the 1MOA 5-Ring? (I'm guessing that .22lr won't really be allowed! but anything else which should be avoided?) Or is .223 the minimum calibre which the attendees will be allowed shoot?



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