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Basically anytime I load my UserCP page (and sometimes other pages), the menu drops down as if I had hovered my mouse over it or (in the case of the iPad) tapped on it - even though my cursor wouldn't be anywhere near it. This is particularly annoying in the case of the iPad as you have to tap on an another menu to get rid of it.

I’ve had this problem with Safari/Chrome on my Mac since upgrading to 10.7 and on my iPhone/iPad since upgrading to iOS 5. All other websites are fine from what I can see.

Feedback thread about this here in which a user running Chrome on Windows reports the same issue.

TouchingVirus Registered User

Happening on Chrome on Ubuntu 11.10. Not just on the UserCP either, happening when I click on my username in the welcome box (brings me to my profile page).

Sad Professor Information Retrieval

Yeah, happens on my profile page as well.


It's a known bug. One of the lads in here spent the guts of two days digging through the JS looking for the root cause and got nowhere.

Gordon Administrator

I get that with Facebook profiles on the iPad too! Hmm, I used to, checking now and I don't.

Sad Professor Information Retrieval

I'm not sure if you guys did something, but I just noticed that this no longer happens if you disable "Lock Navigation" in menu preferences.


The general feeling was if Ross spent 2 days pouring over the JS and got nowhere, we weren't going to do that again - I don't believe anybody was working on this though I'll check out what effect the lock navigation has on things.

Gordon Administrator

It's not happening for me but I didn't select that option on the prefs. But the top menu has moved down a bit (see the thread in feedback about the menu) so maybe thats a side effect of whatever is behind that.


I can confirm that it appears to solve it all right. Needs further investigation as to why though

Has no effect on Windows anyway, so it isn't a real fix

dodzy Registered User

Any progress on this Danny?


I'm afraid not, and with development ramping up on other projects I'm not going to be spending any time on this for quite some time; you'll either have to live with it or bite the bullet and change skin

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