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Hi all,

New here - so please bear with me!

Am trying to find young American female writers here in Dublin - have tried the colleges/universities (American College Dublin etc.) and not having any luck...

Any suggestions?? Probably need to start looking at unusual places that aren't that obvious, but none coming to mind...

pickarooney Moderator

Do you need to physically meet them or just get their opinions on line?

yankeechick Registered User

Would like to meet them physically if possible....

Starting a really exciting project around young American girls in Ireland writing about their experiences and just finding it difficult 'getting the word' out to those that might be interested....

Blush_01 Registered User

Contact the English/Literature/Journalism departments in the colleges around Dublin - UCD, TCD, DIT, DCU, NCI, Griffith etc. Anglo-Irish courses especially seem to draw American students.

From my experience, the creative writing society in UCD (the ELS) always had undergrads from America on semester abroad or JYA programs, and the department used to be really good about letting people put up posters or notifications in the department, especially if it was going to benefit the students in some way. Plus one of the professors is the senior treasurer for the society each year (used to be Dr. Ron Callan, one of the nicest men on the planet) so they'll definitely have contact details for the society themselves, and will be able to pass on your details even if they can't give you details directly.

The society used to meet at 6 every Tuesday evening, but that was back in 2003-2007. (Oh god, I feel old now.)

I'm sure the other universities, colleges and ITs have something similar.

yankeechick Registered User

Thanks Blush 01 - I had been in touch with the International Offices in all of the colleges, and the student's unions, but you're right to just go for the actual departments.

That's all I'm looking for with them (to pass along my details if any students are interested).

I bet they still meet on Tuesday evenings - will check them all out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your help - much appreciated!!

Arfan Registered User

There's a couple in Maynooth I met just recently. If you get in touch with the English department there.

On an unrelated note I also enjoy meeting young female american writers for... research.

FewFew Registered User

Maybe have a look at the Region > Abroad > United States and Canada forum

pickarooney Moderator

I've looked but can't find a forum for ex-pats living in Ireland. Is there such a forum?

yankeechick Registered User

Thanks guys for your help - I've been looking for those forums too pickarooney.

I've emailed a number of the departments there today and waiting for a reply.
Hopefully they'll get back in touch...

Blush_01 Registered User

yankeechick said:
Thanks guys for your help - I've been looking for those forums too pickarooney.

I've emailed a number of the departments there today and waiting for a reply.
Hopefully they'll get back in touch...

Can I be really frank? You've sent an email, so follow up with a phone call tomorrow. Otherwise, it could be months before you hear anything. They're massively understaffed in universities (like most other places) at the moment, and your chance of getting a reply to the email is pretty slim - it's almost totally dependent on someone taking pity on you and having read your email at the right time in their day where they had two seconds to respond.

(Be a bit persistent - not rude, but if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!)

I'd love to know how this goes!!

yankeechick Registered User

Agreed - the follow-ups are very important but I thought at one stage I was stalking the International offices of the colleges, which never goes down well

So, will have to make sure I don't pi$$ anyone off too much asking....

Will let you know how this turns out - Cheers!

pauline fayne Registered User

Hi Yankeechick , have you thought of contacting the Irish Writers Centre , they could mention your details in the newsletter etc., Hope that helps ..

yankeechick Registered User

Hi PaulineFayne-

Thanks for that - the responses are coming in now, slowly but surely and I reckon by next week, we should be sorted.

Everyone's been a big help in just getting me to think outside of the regular methods....

yankeechick Registered User

Hi All,

I found a few American writers for my project - it's early days, but we're off to a great start!!!!

Just wanted to let you guys know and thank you for your help and suggestions!


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