Hi I applied for a jobs in Boots a few days and had to fill out an online assessment. This involved answering scenario based questions and also personality tests. I'm pretty sure I did good in the scenario based tests. I think I probably fell down in the personality tests. Has this happened at any of ye? Do they just pick the people that match the personality of their ideal employee? Its pretty disheartening. I know its only one job but unfortunately there aren't many jobs out there at the moment.

starlit Registered User

Hey I like pears, don't feel too hard on yourself. I recently applied myself. I was invited to do the boots online assessment and seemed to have fallen down on the questions too. I just went with what was the most appropriate and what I be likely to do, no right or wrong answer.

I think for me I did fine on the customer service point of view just that I probably fell down on the sales side of things everything else I probably did ok in. I think if you are capable of providing a reasonable customer service as well as trying to increase sales not just making money but making customers happy too. If you fall down in one of those areas or both or do better in or more than the other and not do well equally they might not even offer you an interview.

A lot is riding on how you approach and answer the questions. What might be how you do it might not be the way they like you too do it, you might answer it in such away you think that's how they like you to answer it, it still might not be good enough! Its just a matter of you being the right candidate and suitability for the role not just having not enough or little or no relevant retail/sales/customer service experience.

Ya I am the same I think I did grand in the scenario ones but might have blipped in the sales side of it. I figured I did grand in the personality ones but think I might have fallen down in them cause I answered it differently to what some people might, I just went with who I am as a person what I do whether or not it was the right answer or not but answered the way it would be relevant to me and the nearest possible one to me personally.

There is no right or wrong answer but still think that you needed to pick either all a's or all b's or a mixture of certain options keep it consistent or relevant qualities to the role itself.

Its a bit bureaucratic really but at least more varied and less bureaucratic than the civil service personality questionnaires!

I suppose you have to meet certain requirements or go into a certain group/band either A or B or what ever it is a meet a minimum of a or b or mixture. A could be relevant to one type of sales person B could be the opposite or what ever but they could be the same though the qualities from one or the other could vary all depends how the questionnaire was graded!?

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I have applied for a job in the new Boots store opening in Bray. I have tried it twice and have failed. I have 4 years retail experience and feel that I done well myself. I have heard from other people too that they cant get pass this questionnaire. If anyone has been successful could you please give tips.

Thank you

Cathy B Registered User

Hi All,

Thanks for getting back to me. I think they have changed the format for their questionnaire, they don't give you a percentage, only say you have been unsuccessful this time. The questionnaire is not rocket science only basic common sense. I have got some of my friends to do it just to see if they would pass it and they got the same results as me. If the rumours about Winston's staff getting the jobs first then maybe they are not hiring staff.
Good Luck to all the successful staff that do eventually get the jobs.

Cathy B

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