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BonyMartian said:
I bought a Grundig HD box cheaply a couple of months ago for our second TV, hoping to pick up both British and southern channels.

It does, but but forces you to decide which to watch: you have a choice of 18 southern channels or 61 British channels and can only watch one lot or the other, not both at the same time.

Did you check the bottom of the channel list (the 800 nos.) for the missing set of channels?

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When you run the set-up, the outcome reads "there are different regions available: select your preferred region from the list below"(Northern Ireland and RTE NL1) and you must pick one before it'll allow you to continue.

I can't see any way of getting round this. (As well as the stations I mentioned earlier, I also get RTEjr, 3e, and RTE News Now. All perfect pictures see my dilemma?

Just checked there - the southern stations don't appear at the bottom of the British ones as 800 numbers.

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