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ESPN UFC Podcast

Adam Carolla show..really enjoy this show,love his humour and gets good guests.

Dan Lebatard show.Miami sports show with Lebatard and his team,another good sports show for those who like a bit of contrarian sports view

The Bugle.Very funny stuff but finished for the time being.

Fighting Talk-5Live comedy sports quiz

Friday Night Comedy-Conedy from BBC Radio 4

Frank Skinner-His absolute radio show,very funny if you like frank skinner

Grantland.com various sports podcasts from the Grantland.com site.

BS Report-Bill Simmons podcast on ESPN,good mix of sports and pop culture.Sometimes its basketball,sometimes its a really good interview with Louis Ck for example.

Fitzdog radio-Greg Fitzsimmons comedy podcast,funny and good guests.

Joe Rogan Experience.

This Week with Larry Miller-Available on Adam Carolla's ace network and one of my highest recommendations.

Smodcast-Going off Smith a bit but every now and then this can be a great podcast

Tony Kornheiser Show.Meant to be a sports show but furtherst thing from it.Another very high recommendation.

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is it a bicycle...? - A TV and Movie Podcast from Ireland
Its into Season 2 now.

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Chequered flag formula 1: BBC radio 5 Live

NPR its all politics. 2 guys discuss american politics in 20 mins. bit left of center.

Real time with bill maher. probably my favorite podcast. very left of center and very funny.

rugby on off the ball. Newstalk

off the ball football. Newstalk

science weekly. Guardian science correspondents discussing the weeks science news.

Skeptiod. A guy discussing popular myths and looking at the actual evidendce.

Stuff you should know. 2 Guys discussing a topics informative and funny.

10 o clock live. audio version of the C4 tv show on wednesday night.

Atheist experience. live call in tv show from texas where the atheist hosts discuss issues with theist callers.

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Some I'm enjoying at the moment, with feed URLs (for those of us without Apple devices):

  • The Bugle: dropped by The Times, still going great guns on Soundcloud;
  • Newsjack: BBC topical comedy with the listeners doing most of the writing;
  • Two from Dan Carlin: Common Sense and Hardcore History;
  • News from Lake Woebegon: Garrison Keillor's long-running comic monologue from A Prairie Home Companion, about a small town where "all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above-average".

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I havent listened to any of the above podcasts but I do listen to the XLR8R podcast, RA podcast, CLR podcast. These are all great if you are into electronic music!


The Guardian - Football Weekly

The joan Lee show

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I quite like the talking history ones from News Talk the series on the America presidents are great bite sized ones in particular

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Joe Rogan

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Ill only list ones that have not been listed so far:

Peacock and Gamble - weird, rambling and the funniest thing to hit the internet since Adam & Joe. Just two guys talking absolute sh1te

Read it and Weep - A bunch of guys review terrible pop culture offerings - audiobooks, movies and books are all reviewed.

Answer me this - funny people answer questions sent in by listeners in a successful mix of facts and jokes.

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Jezek said:

Answer me this - funny people answer questions sent in by listeners in a successful mix of facts and jokes.

Fixed that for you.

Heard a few people on about that podcast so tried it out. It's presented by the two most annoying and unfunny idiots on the internet. I'm quite baffled as to how it's so popular.

Jezek Registered User

Obviously funny is in the ear of the listener-

surprise surprise, people are different!

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El Weirdo Registered User

Jezek said:
Obviously funny is in the ear of the listener-

surprise surprise, people are different!

Please point me to where I said otherwise?

paddyandy Banned

My Washing Machine is more interesting than todays pop .

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Listen mostly to Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast, the earlier ones were the best and funniest podcasts from the smodcast network and well worth a listen.

That Jason Mewes has lived a pretty ****ed up and sad life

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There are some surprisingly good and interesting podcasts on RTE Doc on One.

I mostly listen to Radiolab and This American Life thought I used to also listen to the Short Story Fiction podcast on The New Yorker too.

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