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My yahoo mail is gone bananas.When I log into yahoo mail a page comes up
asking me to upgrade to the faster UK version or stay on the slower US version and will not pass that page no matter what I do.
I just have yahoo mail and no idea what type it is
I am waiting on an important mail now though.I tried to log into my yahoo mail on another laptop there and its the very same.
I just got into the wifes yahoo mail account there now no problem but mine is shagged up.


Is this the screen you are talking about?

If so, there is a link at the bottom that allows you to continue to mail without upgrading. I've highlighted it in the picture.

Countryboymike Registered User

I wish It was
It says make your email go 30% faster
Then the two options
Stay US or change to UK
Really annoying
Thanks anyway .

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