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Hey there,

We're looking for a creche or childminder for our 15 month old toddler. We've searched the internet and local papers and rang all over the place but there seems to be very little if anything available in our area. Most appear to be located in Knocknacarra or further out of town. Does anyone know of either in Salthill or the city centre? Some recommendations would be really well appreciated.

Feel free to PM


Gold Leaf Tea Registered User

How many hours a week are you looking for?

McTigs Registered User

At this point anything we can get!

ideally about 30 hours a week, but it's flexible at the moment.

Gold Leaf Tea Registered User

I just rang my friend there but she has no availability at the moment, she did have one space, but she filled it recently, sorry.

thesandeman Registered User

I dont know anything about the place but there is one in Woodquay just behind the shop across from PMPA (or whatever they are called now).

McTigs Registered User

Might have found a spot for her in Little Red Hen, will know tomorrow, fingers crossed...

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