Sponge Bob Banned

Now you know why mobile commerce ( M Commerce) will never take off in Ireland. The whole sector here is a fraudsters wet dream and Comreg does not want to tackle the scum.

paddyjoe183 Registered User

I sent a letter to them back in 2011 and still have not received a response from Comreg. Wasters!

paddyjoe183 Registered User

I just received a letter from comreg on friday stating that they side with oxengen8 and its my fault for not texting stop as soon as I received these promotional msgs even though they cant confirm how they got my number in the first instance!

Sponge Bob Banned

But you should never get a premium message from clicking on any link, tell Comreg you never opted in to receive this junk by a legal method and what was the legal method they rely on in this case.

Tell Comreg you never received or used a PIN confirmation on the alleged opt in either,

In short, this is simply fraud and Comreg are colluding with the fraudsters. Take the matter up to the bosses, barbara.delaney AT comreg dot ie and alex.chisholm AT comreg dot ie.

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