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I would like to start a thread that has handy links to web pages that help collectors identify there toys and what accessories go with what.
I have a few that i can put up as long as thats ok with the moderator.
looking for one thats good for teenage mutant hero turtles at the mo if any one knows of one.

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Hi tro81,useful links are fine by me as long as user's don't start using the thread to advertise their wares without going through the right channels or start spamming the thread.

tro81 Registered User

grand ill keep it to just useful link to help collectors identify there toys and spare parts

tro81 Registered User

ok so for MOTU i always go to they have a section for collecting that shows you every fig/vehicle that was ever released. plus what the packaging looked like and what accessories go with them.

tro81 Registered User

this site has a handy function called identify. you have your weapon and it asked what colour etc it is. then give you mulitple pic of what it maybe. thus helping you to see what goes with who.

tro81 Registered User

i always check first before any other site when i find a new vintage toy

tro81 Registered User

That's really amazing sites of toy collection...and I liked it...Thanks for the link Tro81...

no problem i have a few more to add but if anyone else uses some other then please ad them

tro81 Registered User

Not the best site ever but still is helpful

tro81 Registered User

these site are pretty good for all star wars but i find them very helpful when it comes to authenticating a spare or accessories as there are SO many reproduction out there now.

debreall Registered User

tro81 said:
Not the best site ever but still is helpful

waw, really impressive...

Does anyone know any DIY website ?

tro81 Registered User

ok final found a good site. just have to click on the year then the figure name to get the list of accessories


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