DublinRescuer Registered User

Hi guys, im wondering how i get access to the OMAC moodle site, im only a new member to the unit ..

touge_drift Registered User

better off asking your officer in charge rather then an internet forum.

anyways you'll have to wait until your registered as a member officially and have a member number (eg. m1234) then you can log on. not much will be available to you on it though unless your taking part in certen courses that the instructors gives you access to.

DublinRescuer Registered User

Thanks for that.. much appreciated

miju Banned

you wont be given access to it until it's needed it's not just given at request. Your OC will be able to explain the process / reasons

what unit you in outta curiosity?

DublinRescuer Registered User

Well he referred me to the site and said its for training but thats about it

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