trap4 Banned

It's 4 or 5 years now since I got my satellite kit from Lidl and finally they'll have a HD sat receiver for me to upgrade to on Thursday.

What are opinions on the box? It's got USB 2.0 'for connection to memory sticks or external hard drives'..... but it's 'PVR-ready for direct video recording on to external hard drives.'

Does that mean it won't record to memory stick?

Any other drawbacks with this unit? Any idea what the EPG is like? Will I be able to set recording days in advance?

Trevord Registered User

The silvercrest boxes do the job. I have an Sl65 SD box which I presume is what you already have.

Pretty sure this is not the first time that lidl have had a HD box.

But for about 20 euro more you could get a box that does HD sat and which would also allow you to record saorview channels.


trap4 Banned

Thanks but I've an unusual setup with two TVs in the house - one at either gable end. The gable end with the rooftop aerial is next to the old CRT while the gable end with the dish is next to the 42" HDTV. So saorview not required.

MBSnr Registered User

Pretty sure this is not the first time that lidl have had a HD box.

I'm fairly sure the previous Sat boxes from Lidl have had HDMI out so 'appear' HD but in fact have been SD only.

As Trevord says - The combo box would be far the better option even if you don't use the DTT tuner for Saorview. You can play back the recorded USB/HDD .ts files in VLC on a PC. There are also firmware updates for it available for download. Not sure the Lidl box offers such things.

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