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Hi, I've just bought a new Digihome lcd tv but after setting up I've noticed the sound is slightly out of sync with the picture. Have I missed something? It is connected to a dvd player only with a scart. Any ideas? Thanks.

patsyrockem Registered User

Anyone have similar problem?

lar77 Registered User

Try turn off some of the image image enhancing options in the TV menu and see if that makes a difference.

MJK Registered User

Exactly one year later, and exactly the same problem as PatsyRockem.

Bought the TV only a few days ago.

We're using mostly Saorview channels, so I don't know yet if the problem applies to other inputs/channels. Also noticed that the delay in the sound is only very slight - generally not noticeable - when a new channel is selected. However, over a period of 1-2-3 hours on the same channel, the sound drifts further behind the video and is then very unpleasant. Switching to another channel for a moment, and back, greatly reduces the lag.

I fiddled a bit with some sound and video options, but made no progress.

- Mike

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