Did anybody here ever have any dealings with www.markettown.ie?

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Enda Murphy said:
Did anybody here ever have any dealings with www.markettown.ie?

I placed an order with them 2 weeks ago and still haven't received the goods (simple gardening tools worth for 150e). On the order confirmation they gave an email address to contact, but emails bounce back (error - email doesn't exist). Also phone calls are not getting answered. When I finally got to leave a voice mail asking them to call me back, they of course didn't. I have left another contact request through their website but really wouldn't hold my breath for them to contact me ..

So cannot recommend this place if you have a choice .. I'm still hoping that maybe I receive my order one day or at least confirmation that it's not going to be delivered. Really disappointing experience though and feels like a total scam to me. Very surprised that Irish Times would recommend a company like this ?!

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If you are a member of LinkedIn, you could send the owner an email through their page HERE.

Edit: Though it looks like you might need to connect with him first. Might prove to be a problem, as he has no connections on that account.

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