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Hi folks,

I'm a guitar/bass teacher and I'm writing on behalf of one of my students bass player who's playing blues and therefore looking for a blues /rock band.

His name is Joe, he's 60 years old, so he'd like to jam with like minded musicians around their 50's.
He played a lot in the 70's and he's been taking classes for the past year with me as he was a bit rusty.
He's not a pro but I got him back on track and he plays decently now and has a good sense of rhythm, and good knowledge of blues music too.

The reason why I'm writing on his behalf is that because I know him and he wouldn't dare to do it.
But he's a great fellow, we're jaming together during the classes and he's doing pretty well, joining a blues band would be the next step for him.

So if you're a blues band based in south Dublin, don't hesitate to contact me,
my name is Patrice and my number is


Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Hey fellow ex-bass player with Lauren G!

Unfortunately phone numbers are not allowed.

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OUPS! , sorry man, thanks for correcting..



where in south dublin are you,
my dad is 70ish and plays guitar and Chromatic harmonica,(mostly haronica now)in good health too.
he's not in a band or anything now (was in the "show bands in the day and in 1956 himself and two brothers where all ireland champion harmonica trio )but since i took up drums and got back playing harmonica myself just to jam with him. i think he would love to play with some from his generation. we are generations apart, saying that we do make some sweet tunes.

he has not played guitar in years but if i could get him back to that well that would make my day and i'm sure his too.

i would be happy to play drums with them for a jam all experience for me i'm only learning drums about 2years when i get the time so i've loads to learn.

i also could get a place to jam that would not cost to much maybe free,
and althought its not great my dad still has his old P.A and i have mic's oh yeah his actually not a bad singer.
but like you're guy he would need convincing.
but if you're prepared to try get them jamming well i'm in.

it would really all depend on where they both live.
he is a liberties man, but my brother has a descent shed (that sounds terrible outting them in a shed)an out house that they could play in.

i have a huge family of singers and althought they're not interested in the stage anymore, the two men would never be short of backing and vocals

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Pls contact Joe directly

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Hi guys I'm bumping this!
Joe jammed with fellows that happened to be not serious in the end so, not serious band, don't even bother...

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