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I just stuck up my first app on the Android Market yesterday:
Lotto Helper IE

Its basic at the moment. All it does is shows the most common numbers that have come up on the lotto since the start. Its updated after every draw, but the numbers don't really vary that much, tbh.

I'm in the process of doing the euromillions too. Just need to find the time.
Then after that, I can easily put in a full statistics page. I have all the info already, pretty much. Just need to make it usable.

But anyway, I know its a small app but would appreciate some constructive criticism and/or suggestions. I can probably process and update fairly quick.
And if someone can make it crash, let me know!


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Mr E Administrator

Good job... so that's the lite version.
Will the full version actually give you the winning numbers?

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The_B_Man Registered User

hah, I wish!
Apparently you can make more money from betting on number couples/triples than actually playing and getting a few numbers. Obviously getting all 6 gets you more.

The lite edition will basically just show some basic numbers for both the lotto and hopefully euromillions next, eg top 6 numbers or so. Maybe something else if I think of it.

The "pro" version, which I hope to make soon, will have a lot of statistical work put into it so I may consider sticking a €1 price tag on it, just to try justify the time I'll be spending on it, when I should be doing other stuff!!

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Mr E Administrator

FYI, I meant to post this earlier.
You get a force close if you try to update with wifi/mobile turned off.

I take no pride in crashing a 1 button app...


I'd love to give this a look at but it's not for my device unfortunately. Looks like a nice interface from the screenshots.

I have a question though. The lotto started with 36 balls back in 1988. Now there's 45.

Would there not be a huge bias towards the first 36 balls? Because 45 balls came in around 2006. Wouldn't it be better to have the statistics from the first draw with 45 balls?

The_B_Man Registered User

Good question.
At the moment, thats true. But i'm converting the algorithm so that its based on percentages, rather than raw number frequency.

I'm currently updating it with the euromillions, so thats the update that i hope to have up tonight, since I'm off in the morning on a stag for the weekend!

IF i get that done tonight, then i'll get to work on the percentages when I get back.

Regarding your phone, I was told by a few mates that they cant get it. Apparently its coz I left something out that tells it to support phones with small screens. Does your phone have a small screen?
Expect that to be fixed in the next update anyway.


longshanks Registered User

Also, how often have the six numbers drawn been the most popular six numbers at that time?

The_B_Man Registered User

Well, there was a feature I'm thinking of implementing whereby you can supply your usual weekly numbers, and the app will tell you when, if ever, that they came up.

Akrasia Registered User

A better lotto app would be one that gives you a minor electric shock every time you feel like buying a ticket.

The_B_Man Registered User

I researched overloading the NFC chip to see if it could do that but also I failed.

FYI, I've now managed to stick in the Euro millions data into the app!
I also fixed a pretty obvious bug, so 1.2.1 is the version you want.

Also, it doesnt seem to support small screens. According to the Google docs, all apps support all screen sizes by default, so I'll have to figure out whats going on there. If theres any fellow devs out there that can shed any light, feel free to volunteer some info!

Have a good weekend!

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Atomic Pineapple Registered User

Might be the density, is your supports screen in the manifest like this?

    <supports-screens android:resizeable="true"

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The_B_Man Registered User

I tried that before and I think it gave me hassle about needing to be SDK 1.6 minimum, whereas I am supporting 1.5 onwards.

Atomic Pineapple Registered User

The_B_Man said:
I tried that before and I think it gave me hassle about needing to be SDK 1.6 minimum, whereas I am supporting 1.5 onwards.

Why? There are no devices left on 1.5? Even the first ever Android phone was left on 1.6!

The_B_Man Registered User

haha true! But I have one user on 1.5 so I can't piss that person off!

I'll try again anyway. Maybe I did something wrong.

srsly78 Registered User

Rated 0/5, did not help win lotto. Uninstalled.

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